20 August 2012

York, Maine

21 August 2012--On Saturday we headed south to York, to see the old jail they have that is supposed to be the oldest in all of New England, to see the Wiggly Bridge, the Nubble Lighthouse and Mt Agamenticus.

We started at the visitor's center of what is supposed to be 9 museums, but 3 of them were closed, so we were a little disappointed with that...they didn't even offer us a discount with a 1/3 of their displays closed! And the history museum was closed, for lunch I think, from 11:30 to 2:30...are you kidding me?

So we decided to pay to just see the jail, but were briefly delayed by this scantily clad Native American giving a little talk outside the main building. We feel pretty strongly that he had nothing on under that shirt and black flap covering his butt! haha (I took the close-up on the sneak!)

A one room schoolhouse was open for all to see...ho-hum.

This display is placed in an old-time cemetery...when you read it, you notice that they say "NEAR" this spot...but they don't tell us where! And that is quickly followed by talk of the "worst massacres of colonial days, on Candlemas Day 1691-1692"...HUH? What is it? 1691 or 1692? It was only one day!!! And the "scantily clad" man told us that the massacre was conducted by a group of Indians from several tribes, while this says Abenaki Indians. Makes you go "Hmmm?"

The Old Jail! Outside is the pillory, used to humiliate wayward citizens.

In order for people to receive capital punishment back in the 1700s, they had to have confessed. This 1st picture is of the "confessional cell", where the prisoner talked thru the bars, with the preacher on the the other side as shown in the 2nd pic. Not unlike the confessionals we grew with. Haha The 3rd pick is of a letter where whoever it was that passed sentence on someone is talking of getting a "good turnout" for the hanging...maybe 5000 people!

Lots of the prisoners held here were debtors.

This was called the "Idiot's Chair", and used to tie down someone who was probably mentally ill, sometimes for days, until they calmed down. I fear I would never get out of that chair if you tied me down to it. haha

Branding was common for forgers, burglars and adulterers. Between that and the Cat-o-Nine Tails, I am starting to realize where the Taliban got their ideas.

The profanity alone would send most of society today to prison, never mind the lying and lack of church attendance!

The "hole" on the right wall is lined with saw blades.

Church across from the jail.

On our way to the Wiggly Bridge, we saw this warehouse that was once owned by John Hancock.

The Wiggly Bridge was nothing to write home about, so we are not really sure why it was advertised on their maps, but there was a nice nature preserve and some beautiful houses we had to walk thru and past to get there, so it was a nice area. The bridge wasn't particularly wiggly either.

We walked down to see how cold the water was...it was, as we suspected, cold!

So off we went into downtown York, where Hallie had to parallel park. She had a huge space to do it in, but wasn't exactly comfortable doing it, so we had a few laughs at her expense.

Hallie murdered this lobster for lunch, and loved it!

Off to the Nubble Lighthouse, which along with one in Portland claims to be the oldest on the coast...not sure who is telling the truth, but there is something pretty about them.

Stitch pics of the Lighthouse and a home directly across from it.

Hallie looking contemplatively at the shore!!! In the 3rd pic you can see she is laughing...couldn't be "deep" for long!

Cathy exploring again.

Hallie breaking into her version of "O Solo Mio"!!!!

And so we headed up to the top of Mt Agamenticus, at 695 ft the highest point of southern Maine. To the west you can see the White Mountains, while to the east you can see to the ocean.

We don't know why, maybe they are just tired from their long day, but if you blow up this picture you can see that Donna and Hallie aren't having a whole lot of fun anymore!

Native American lore.

It really was a beautiful day!

A rose between 2 thorns? Could they look any more uninterested? haha

So Sunday we went to Portland...to go bike riding, etc...stay tuned!!! It only gets better from here! haha


  1. Poor Hallie and Donna, they will need another vacation just to recuperate!!! lol

  2. Hubble Liight is reported to be the most painted lighthouse/landcape in the US (I think, maybe New England or Maine) lol Brian

  3. We really had a good time I was so tired because we would go from 0730 in the morning until 7 at night going places. It was alot to see in three days.

  4. Hey Paula,

    Thanks for the great pics. Those guys didn't play back then. That pillory would have been good for dinks that fell asleep on dorm guard. I agree, looks like Hallie's fun meter was pretty much pegged in the last picture.

    Take care

  5. I think the best pic was Hallie singing O Solo Mio!!! She wasn't really, but doesn't it look like she is once I suggested it?