29 August 2012

Family Reunion

30 August 2012--This past Saturday we had our annual reunion at my brother Brian's cottage in Maine, and it included not only all my brothers and sisters and most of their spouses/boyfriends, but also most of my aunts, most of my nieces and nephews, and 2 of my oldest friends, my cousin Patti and my girlfriend Trudie. I had a great time and was delighted to see everyone at least one more time before we leave here next Tuesday.

The highlight of the day was the kayak races held between Emily, Dillon, Kaleigh and David. (David is in the next series of pictures.)

This is Jack, who was actually an assistant to Brian in conducting the races. I think he will be ready to compete next year.

In this series of pictures the 4 of them line up, take off like a shot with Kaleigh out front, but in what seemed like 2 to 3 strokes David overtook her and cruised to the finish line!

Here is Brian paying the kids their winnings based on how they finished in the race. Jack got a token payment based on his participation as an assistant! haha David won the 2 races hands down, and cleaned up financially. haha

We had a surprise 50th birthday presentation for Walter and Julie (the twins!). It was actually a surprise to most of us because they turned 50 back in November, and most of us had forgotten that we had pitched in to have these pictures of their families painted. haha

Bridget takes no time at all to give birthday kisses...digs right into the cake!

The rest of the pictures are just the best I could find of the ones taken...more than anything they were the least blurry, and I tried to capture everyone in at least one if I could. If I missed anyone I am sorry, there was either no picture of you and/or it was horribly blurry and simply couldn't be posted! haha (A couple notes: 1st picture shows me, Julie, Patti, Ellen and Cathy with high school basketball shorts on--notice Julie's "professional" stance--hip up and back, toe pointed! Ellen is somehow in a bunch of these, more than anyone else...what's the deal, Ellen! Jennifer, Marie and Christopher were hard to find...I think they run from the camera if they can...but I got you anyway!!!)

I don't know about anyone else, but I had a great day, so Thanks! to everyone for being there!


  1. The pictures are awesome Paula.....This was awonderful party and I had a great time.....The kayak races were very exciting but Brian awarding the prizes was equally entertaining. Thanx again for sharing this day with me I had a blast.

  2. What's with the MSJA shorts?

    1. Marie had them from school and since the school is no more, she gave them to us for workout shorts.

  3. I think it is apparent that I am your favorite, why else would there be so many pictures!!!

    It was a great day!

  4. It really was a great day. The new faces added to the fun !!!! My grandkids look forward to this day every year. They love anytime they can spend time with Michael and Maggie. this year they got to play with them and have the boys to play around with in the water.
    The pictures really captured the essence of the day. Paula, great job of capturing everyone.