20 August 2012

Hallie and Donna Visit Maine!

21 August 2012--Our friends, Hallie and Donna, flew into Boston and drove to Maine to visit with us for a few days, arriving on Thursday evening and leaving again on Monday morning, so we got right to it by joining my brother Brian and his friend Billy in Kennebunk to go out on a whale watching trip.

There were some nice sights as we left the bay; that's St Ann's Episcopal Church in the middle.

I think this NRA guy and Hallie are kindred spirits. He laid down and took a nap on a part of the deck where I couldn't get a picture of him, while Hallie just snoozed in the open on the stoop! And Hallie has a "concealed carry" license, which I think this guy would love if he only knew it!

During the 4 1/2 hour cruise we only saw the backs of 2 whales...from 3/4s of a mile away! But we had a school of dolphins follow us for quite a while and play in the wake of the boat, so they were fun to watch.

This 1st picture is of the 1st president Bush boat...we think that is him in the front of the boat. The 2nd picture is that of the Secret Sevice following him, while the 3rd pic is a shot of his Kennebunkport home.

After the whale watching we drove to Ogunquit and walked the Marginal Way, a beautiful mile and quarter stretch along the Maine coast that leads to Perkin's Cove, a small cluster of shops and restaurants that line up alongside an area of lobster and fishing boats.

Lots of interesting and fun rock formations along the way.

There is a beautiful beach area on the left as you enter the Marginal Way pathway, but then you see lots of people who choose to "beach" among the rocks. Pretty, but not so sure about the "beaching" attraction. And blow up the 3rd picture here to see where the lifeguard's chair is...doesn't seem like he or she could make it to the water in time if you needed them.

Cathy exploring.

And this is for you, Ellen...we saw Carson Kressley, who is appearing at a play here, while walking along the trail...he stopped and talked just a 2nd, but I didn't get the picture till he started to turn away again. Cathy yelled out that we voted for him on Dancing with the Stars, and he replied "Thanks! Keep voting!"

I had a bunch more pictures, but with so many pictures over so many days, I stopped here. This is a bird house for sale outside one of the shops at Perkin's Cove...and we noticed a small bird inside it...sells itself, huh?

Saturday we went to York, so click on that next.


  1. 4.5 hours and only 2 whales.... I'd be asking for a refund

    1. Fortunately they gave us rain checks...gonna use them Friday and hoping for the best.

  2. Thanks for the Carson pic!!! I love him
    He wants you to keep voting, because they are having a contest for the final All-star, but Sabrina is one of them???? I am so torn I can't even vote, she should have automatically be an all-star, and he makes the show, don't know what the producers are thinking!!!!