12 August 2012

Vacation with Marie & Family!

8-13 August 2012--Spent 3 days of the past week at Silver Lake in Madison, NH, just 20 minutes or so from where we were all staying. Marie and her family rented a cottage right on a different lake, but they don't allow motorized watercraft, so we went to this very pretty area nearby.

Today was probably the best day weather-wise. The other 2 days it was threatening rain most of the day, but we got lucky and they remained just overcast...no rain till we got home! Jeff and Jack are "representing" for the men here, and I just have to say that Jeff really stepped up to the plate and did a bang-up job of getting out on the jet ski and acting like he knew what he was doing.

Bridget has been having the time of her life!!! She is in total charge of every adult and every other child within her circle, but with that face, how can you blame her!!! Life is good!

We had 3 full days on the jet ski before a woman on the beach informed Jeff that we were supposed to stay 150 ft away from the swimming area...a real stick in the mud. We think it was the very same lady that called the police on us to report us a few hours later for being a nuisance! haha We were no such thing, but the cop came anyway, at the same time we were packing it in for the day, so no harm, no foul. (NH has a newly passed law that bars 2 person jet skis from all their lakes...this belongs to Jeff's brother and is a 3 person jet ski, so it is considered a boat!)

I had what seemed like a couple thousand pictures to choose from to post here and obviously had a hard time leaving some out. I swear I didn't pit up even anywhere near 1/3 of them.

Marie appears to be losing her mind...check out several of her getting on and further down the blog actually driving the jet ski. She would get the jet ski up to about 35 mph and then sort of panic as she decelerated back down to 20 mph. One day of riding, really one trip...bucket list checklist item complete!!!! haha

This middle picture in the 1st row is Cathy driving Emily and Kaleigh on the 1st day we took it out...scared the heck out of them!!! But look at them in the middle pic of the 2nd row...doing the queen's wave as old pros!

I am holding my hands up in the air to show Jack actually driving the ski...he got it up to 30 mph and was totally loving it!!! And a pretty good driver, to boot.

Kaleigh and Emily did a great job driving...Emily is particularly "mad-dogish", trying to hit every wave she can. Kaleigh was going after them also, but Emily hit them with relish! haha Both Kaleigh and Emily almost threw the other 2 of us off...it was a blast!

We didn't know it at the time, but Julie actually threw Kaleigh off the jet ski...I think Emily gets the "mad-dog" label from her.

Julie was just about to take the jet ski over to the loading area...about 200 yards away from here...when she ran out of gas!!! This last pic is just as she is about to jump in the water to join Emily and Kaleigh in pushing it to the ramp...in the end, not a happy camper!!! haha

Bridget and Jack are easily entertained, while Kaleigh and Emily like something a little more interesting than a rock or being thrown in the water. Both girls routinely had us up to 40 mph on the 1st day of riding...we had an absolute blast right up until that night when Jen must have threatened their lives or something because the next day I couldn't get them to go above 20 mph if I had them in a head lock! We were going so slow we were practically sinking in the water, so on the 3rd day I had to get her to remand the death sentence and give them at least a 25 mph limit...much better speed to hit the waves with.

Here's Jeff again, every kid's idea of a hero!!! And I almost forgot to mention that it was Jeff who got the catfish Julie caught off the hook for her...all kinds of "firsts" this week!

And here's Marie...maybe Emily gets her "mad-dog" status from her! haha

Bridget is a doll, smart as a whip...and a total trip!!! A successful manipulator of everyone around her and still only 20 months old. Gotta love it!!!

And for your final entertainment...a tribute to the just-finished Olympics.


  1. Great pics!!!! Wish I was there.
    I would give a 9.5 for the synchronized swimming, just a few little misses! Job well done

    1. Just finally seeing this blog. I absolutely love the synchronized swimming!

  2. Forgot to ask about police????
    All the times we talked, you never mentioned that???

  3. It was one cop and he was really cool. he actually apologized to me and said this wasnt even his job. The jet ski is considered and actually allowed on lake. Awesome pictures guys. Great time out there.. Paula thanks for letting kids drive with you, it took the monkey off my back haha

    1. Considered a boat that is

  4. Jeff, between the jet ski and taking the catfish off the hook, the monkey should be off your back for at least a while! haha Just keep bringing it up about once a week to remind the kids...maybe you can bleed it for a year or more!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. Looks like everyone is having a "great time". Watching Marie drive the jet ski brought back memories of me and her on a motor scooter in Bermuda with her as the driver, one minute she would be very confident and the next minute she would be petrified and say I don't think this was such a good idea we should have taken a cab. Is Wayne wrapped up in a blanket under a tree and you forgot to photograph him???
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  6. i will choose not to comment on the "synchronized swimming"????

  7. Great pics, looks like you had fun.
    So I gotta ask, in the pic where the baby is in the yellow with her knees bent and Paula, you have your hand extended and a 'Noooo' look, is she trying to pee? LOL. You said she's only 20 mo, and I thought she might have a diaper on, but that photo looks like you are trying to stop her from doing something.

    1. haha I am throwing a ball to her...she bends over like that getting ready to catch.