22 August 2012

Old Orchard Beach

24 August 2012--After Hallie and Donna left Monday morning, Cathy and I decided to take a drive north to check out Old Orchard Beach that afternoon. Old Orchard Beach is both a town and a beach...a 7 mile stretch of beach populated with massive tourism. I like the whole idea of the pier thing...looks like a Snooki hangout, so that was my attraction...haha!

Between the beach, the pier and the amusement park there's lots going on...and Oh! to be young again!!! Swim, eat, drink, sleep...repeat!!! haha

It was quite breezy out...what I considered to be a perfect day to sit on the beach...in shorts and a SWEATSHIRT!!! But there were a surprising amount of people in the water so I walked down to check it out. The water was a little cold, but the air was colder, so I could never have talked myself into it...you would freeze coming out.

And just to show that it's not just me...look at the people in the water in the 1st pic...and this kid in the long-sleeved shirt 30 feet away! I tell you, it was COOL!

So this is probably the shortest blog I ever did...pretty but nothing much more to say about it!


  1. Why did u take a picture of those two guys in the water, next to last picture?

  2. I was clumsily pointing out that while some people were swimming, others of us were cold, and it wasn't just me and Cathy...didn't word it that well. haha

  3. I would love to go there espically the shopping in bag heaven and i would be clued to the stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have never been there, not sure I would like it, to many people!