28 August 2012

Whale Watching 2!!!

29 August 2012--Marie and Emily joined Cathy and I at the RV park in Wells, ME for a couple days prior to the family get-together, so we used the "rain-check" tickets we had from when Hallie, Donna, Brian and Billy went out with us the week before in a failed attempt to see some whales.

Cathy was trying a couple special features on her new camera...here are 2 of them. I like the coloring in the 1st picture, feel sort of queasy looking at the 2nd. haha

We saw a few things while we were out there. Here we were leaning in, straining to determine what turned out to be a dead, bloated seal being used by a seagull to take a breather. Sort of gross!

This Mola Mola Sunfish swam right beside the boat for quite a while...really bizarre looking, it resembled something almost prehistoric. I googled the 2 pictures below mine to show you what it really looks like and just how big it can get.

We saw 3 different types of whales we were out there, a minke whale, a humpback and a finback. The humpback and finback go around 90,000 and 200,000 lbs respectively...is that incredible, or what?!

This was the finback, which we caught a few times curling its back in the water like the others, and then just as it gave the biggest splash of the day...it was just to our left, seemingly out of nowhere, as it raised its tail high and then came crashing down in the water. Unfortunately all we ended up catching on camera is a bunch of water splashing, but it was spectacular to see!

Pretty sure this was the tail of the humpback. They are identified and named by the white markings on their tails, so the captain of the ship told us what this one's name was, but I forget it.

We were actually out on the water for 5 1/2 hours, an hour longer than our 1st trip, but other than tails and rolling backs don't have much more to show. All I have left to post are pictures from Saturday's family get-together at Brian's cottage before we leave, so that will be coming soon.


  1. Look like you still enjoyed the day!

  2. I had so much fun that and Thank you for bringing nana and me it was really fun!!!!!!!!

    1. We had a great time, too, Emily...and really glad Nana and you were able to join us!

  3. it was a really great day. loved being on the water. Perfect weather and great company. RV living is pretty relaxing. Emily and I have really enjoyed our visits with the travelers!!!
    Thanks a bunch.

  4. Hi Paula, It is a great life, I love your pictures. Sr. Helen

  5. Hi Paula. Howam I doing?

  6. You are doing great Sr Helen! Keep it up!!!