27 March 2014

To Death Valley!

27 Mar 2014--We left Las Vegas 3 days ago, and now we are sitting in the parking lot of a resort in Death Valley National Park typing up this blog.  As I write this Cathy is trying to load pics and videos on the other laptop, but it is slow going, so it may be a few more days before that is posted. We have no service at all where we are in the park, except if there is zero wind and only early in the morning.  haha

Anyway, the 1st interesting thing we saw on the road was this sign for a Brothel!!!  We were probably 80 miles out of Vegas when we saw it, and shortly after that popped up this "Area 51" saloon-type building.  Funny that we were on the base, Nellis AFB, that hosts the infamous Area 51, but we never saw any mention of it there or anywhere near there.  I didn't even mention it in previous blogs because I thought if I told you anything about it I would have to kill you!  haha

Here are a few pretty mountains we passed on the way.

And a couple cowboy-style buildings in Beatty, NV...the last town before we head into the Park.

The long road into the park, and check out the average monthly temperatures here in the appropriately named "Death Valley"!  Yesterday and today were beautiful, low 80s, but the day we got here it was 95 degrees at 5pm!!!

Once inside the park the scenery gets very pretty, very quickly.  Those are sand dunes in the 2nd and 3rd pics.

As we come in to the home stretch, approaching the RV Park we are staying at in the park, there is serious dust crossing the road.  And in the 2nd and 3rd pics, that is the view from the back of our RV and then out the front window of the RV.

This is a very windy time of year here, but it makes for nice sunsets, so we are fine with it.

Check out not only the blowing sand/dust, but the pup tents people were staying in a lot closer to the action than we are. I bet their night totally stunk!!! haha

We have had pretty full days sightseeing and hiking the past 2 days, and off to probably see a ghost town tomorrow and maybe a visit to the sand dunes.  We are here only a week so we have a lot to see...will post again when we can catch another good signal!  haha


  1. That's was a rush blog. As I was reading it I felt I was losing my signal'. 😃😃😃 Hallie

  2. Even the sand dunes look like mountains! lol
    Is there any warning that those little sand storm are coming????
    What would you do if you got caught in them?

  3. Those little sand storms really aren't that little...we had to 2 of them later in the week we were there that totally obliterated the view in front of us, mountains and all! If you were in the middle of them you would have to close your eyes and hold your breath somehow till they passed...they are all-encompassing.