18 March 2014

"All Mobbed Up"!

16 Mar 2014--Cathy and I started out last Wednesday thinking we were going to the Liberace Museum and to see Wayne Newton's $70 million dollar mansion, but the Museum has been closed and not re-opened yet (4 years?), and Wayne Newton went into bankruptcy a while ago I guess, so he doesn't live in the mansion anymore.  What a bust!  I really thought the Liberace Museum would be fun.

So instead we went to The Mob Museum in downtown Vegas.  At first weren't sure we liked it, but we determined later that we just didn't like how crowded it was...people were getting in my way so I just wished they had stayed home!  haha

There was actually very little here that you didn't know already, mostly cops and robbers stuff with the likes of Sam Giancana, Al Capone, the "Teflon Don" John Gotti, etc., but there were a few interesting things I will share with you.

I am actually standing behind a two-way mirror (one way?  two-way?) that I couldn't see out of but Cathy could see in to take my picture.  And that is a young Whitey Bulger, who I didn't really expect to see here...somehow I don't think I look as threatening as he does!  Gotta put on a better poker face, I guess!

This wall was interesting.  The title says "The Mob in America", and it has different columns below it delineating the characteristics and habits of future "mob" guys.  The far left column is as you can see in pic #2 talking about where crime flourishes...and part of that list of neighborhoods is shown in pic #3, good ole "Southie"!!!  Yikes!  Never quite thought of it that way! haha

The things you never think about.

The road to ruin is paved with good intentions.


The choices clearly led to this!  haha  That is the real wall, dismantled and reconstituted, with the holes in it from the St Valentine's Day Massacre.


I have always been a little fascinated with the ingenuity of the criminal element, and interested in anyone who was the "1st" to do something.  Here are a few examples.



And looking at some of this stuff just makes me laugh.  What an innocent age we and our predecessors lived in!  haha


The 1st woman and the 1st African American!!!  You go, girl!

They went heavily into the mob and sports, even noting that back in the '70s Boston College was caught in a point-shaving scheme.  There was even something about over 100 employees in Vegas getting caught every year trying to rip them off in one scheme or another. Even today, without mob involvement here (they say),  I think I would be afraid to do that.

They talked at length about Hoover and the FBI denying that the Mafia existed, right up until the Senate investigations.  Virginia Hill must have got a few laughs when testifying!

They had a whole section on bigwigs in Vegas, with Mr Las Vegas himself and Judy being prominently displayed.  A little unnerving to me to see all the Cardinals, but...!  In 1956 Judy set a then-record for receiving $55,000 for a one-month show stint.  And take a good look at the young Wayne Newton...Cathy says he looks just like K.D. Lang!!!  haha  I agree!

I didn't know this 1st guy but thought a few of my Boston readers might...and of course, almost everyone knows Whitey Bulger..., but darn! there's Triple Os...our old hangout!  Was it just me, or did everyone else not know there was more than met the eye going on there?  haha I certainly never expected to see it here!  

Seems hard to believe when you look at the picture that it is the feared Al Capone.  I would have a hard time taking him seriously once I saw him in that suit!  haha

A few must-have gifts at the gift shop...doesn't Cathy look intimidating in her mob hat!?

As you may remember, you saw me earlier getting my mugshot, but now all I can think of is that I probably did the crime, but Cathy did the time!  And worse!!  haha  I enlisted a stranger in the video to pull the lever on Cathy!

So it was a little more fun and interesting than the crowd around us let us feel at the time, but now that you have seen the blog, if you ever come here you can probably skip this venue.  Nothing you really didn't know before.


  1. Looks like an interesting place.

  2. a couple of thoughts: how did judy die in debt??? ( she looks FABULOUS!) couldnt find richard cardinal cushing. u no he had to b there ! law would have been front & center lol. i agree w/cathy: he does look like k d lang. lets hope she ages better. lol why no reference to liberace. i remember when ma, karen, & someone else went to c him. they loved it!

    1. I was so disappointed that the Liberace Museum was closed...I was really looking forward to it as potentially the highlight of the trip! lol We read that it was supposed to be moving to a new place, but it closed 4 years ago and has yet to re-open...what a letdown!

  3. It looks like there where a lot of little posters to read. Hallie

  4. I found this very interesting!!!

    The whole Whitey thing, I am always saying, we were to close to it, just never really saw the big picture!!
    If for no other reason, Kevin Weeks, his right hand man, come on, we grow up with him, did you see anything that ever say Killer?????

    1. I think we were oblivious to it because ma and Dad never talked about it to us...I can only assume they knew, so I don't know why. And I know I was shocked with the whole Kevin Weeks angle...you just never know!

  5. Thank Goodness for our innocence.