12 March 2014

North to Nevada

12 Mar 2014--Spent Monday and Tuesday driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas, with a stopover in an RV Park in Congress, AZ for the night.  They had a couple nice cactus blooming already, so of course I took a few pictures to share.  haha There were a gazillion bees around them, but fortunately they were more preoccupied with the flowers than with me, so I was able to take some close-ups.  You can see the bees around, and even in, the flowers in the 2nd and 3rd pic.   Just imagine a whole desert of this in a couple months!

We drove over 300 miles to get here, and once again the scenery was gorgeous.

Some of these roads look like good roller coaster rides...in this 1st pic you can practically feel yourself going over the hump.  And in the 5th picture, notice how the road snakes through the surrounding hills.

And in this 1st pic, doesn't the road look like you are looking at it the wrong way through a looking glass?  haha  It is actually the road that leads to the bridge that separates Arizona from Nevada, with the Hoover Dam out of view right under it and the far side of it the Nevada state line.

At the Visitor's Center I took this picture of the bridge, so you could see where the Dam is in relation to it.  And the 2nd pic is a quick peek at Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the country.


How about this 1st pic?  I looked through my camera and at first thought the road we were on went straight up that hill...haha.  Fortunately it didn't!  And finally, a glimpse of the Nellis AFB RV Park we are staying at for the next 2 weeks.

So I don't usually do a blog of our travel days, but you know I love the flowers, and the scenery was just too good to pass up, so there you go.  Off today to the Liberace Museum...shoot be a hoot!

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  1. Is there anywhere in America that you do not have to climb mountains???
    I think I would have to lay down during the ride otherwise I would be nauseous