23 July 2012

Softball Tournament

24 July 2012--This past Saturday, the 21st of August, we had the 1st Annual Softball Tournament in memory of my nephew, Patrick Devlin.

The tournament was organized by Patrick's sister, Michelle, with help from her mother and my sister, Julie.

It was an all-day event, with 8 teams participating and absolutely gorgeous weather!!! I guess I could have taken pictures of all the teams, but I didn't...just the Byrnes' team, and their supportive fans!!! haha here everyone is anxiously awaiting the start of the games.

Before the games even got started we had our 1st mishap...as far as I know the only injury of the day. On the right here is Mark, Julie's boyfriend, who in his quest to find a bathroom ended up falling down a grassy hill and crashing his shoulder into a cement wall. My sister Marie's husband, Wayne, took him to the emergency room where he ended up being treated for a hairline fracture to the upper part of his arm. That is Wayne in the long shirt and pants on a day that had to reach a minimum of 85 degrees!!! Another in a long line of crazy people in the Byrnes clan!!! haha

The original team member's picture, which expanded by 2 later in the game when Emily and Kaleigh joined them.

Emily and Kaleigh in the field and at bat. Emily was the 1st to make a play!!! And although they only got at-bat apiece, they both hit it and got on base!

Mark's son Danny...totally dejected that he had to play on this pathetic team!

Our team got killed...the umps even changed the rules of the game as it went along to try to put us out of our misery...they stopped the 1st inning with a 10-run rule that didn't originally exist. Stopped the 2nd with a "one time thru the lineup" rule. And then the other team started to intentionally miss the ball when at bat to try to get it over with! haha But everyone had fun, Kaleigh and Emily were named MVPs, they let me, Mark and Cathy in the picture as co-captains, and ultimately $3000 was raised for the Gavin House, a local rehab house.

Great job, Michelle!!!


  1. Love the photos - lucky to have such a supporting family

  2. This really was a fun day!!!!

  3. Awesome Day !!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily - that was a fun day because kale and me got "MVP". Great Job michelle it was so much fun u should do it again.
    The pictures are a great tribute to the spirit of the day .
    Love to ALL, Marie

  4. U have a large family. Seeing all of them in the pictures that is great. Looks like u all had a great !,,

  5. Paula,What a beautiful family we have!