23 July 2012

Hartford, CT

24 July 2012--Went to Hartford, CT this past Friday to tour another state capitol building. Of the dozen or so we have seen so far, I would say this one is by far the most impressive on the outside...absolutely massive! Click on the stitch picture to get a better idea.

I wonder why some states seem to put a lot of thought into what will be on their standard license plates, while others just slap any old thing on there. Like Massachusetts, Connecticut seems to be pretty boring. The motto on the state flag means "He who transplanted still sustains". The tour guide seemed to be guessing when she said she thought it was because the original settlers were all Puritans from Massachusetts, thus the "transplants".

The state seal and flag are identical...notice in the writing that they tell us the 3 vines in the crest "may" represent 3 cities in the state...they are not sure!!! haha I also couldn't find anywhere where it told me what year they became a state. When I asked, the guide told me they were the 5th state in the Union, but she didn't know exactly what year.

Some pictures from the inside...stairwells, the dome and the house of representatives. Surprisingly, Connecticut is another state that has what they call a "citizen legislature". Everyone serving in the house and senate supposedly has real jobs, because they only meet for state business for 3 months in odd-numbered years and 5 months in even-numbered. I thought that was primarily a southern/western tradition, but I guess not.

Connecticut claims to be the "Constitution" state because they say they had the 1st form a constitution, what was called "The Fundamental Orders". We talk today of all this freedom we had and how the country was founded on this premise, but as you can see here the Puritans were pretty tyrannical...Look at the "capital laws"...if you wanted to practice a different religion from them it was punishable by death!!! Witchcraft? Dead!!! They actually recorded the 1st witchcraft hanging in the colonies here in Connecticut.

The American Revolution didn't bring much change here. Look at who can vote and who can't in 1783, and check out the quote from the Governor in 1919 (last pic)!!!

A few of the displays...This one is of a woman pioneer in educating black girls. Didn't go over too well originally.

And look at Lafayette's bed...folds up into a suitcase!!! Ahead of his time in the travel business!!!

Nathan Hale, who regretted that he had but one life to give for his country!

The "wishing chair", used by the Lt Governor when presiding over the Senate. They say he is always wishing to be the next governor!

One of 55 copies of the Liberty Bell.

Me coming down the stairs...don't remember why I loaded this pic! haha

The flag room and Cathy outside on the grounds.

And this was the best...This statue is called "The Genius of Connecticut", and used to be on top of the building when it was finished 1878. A storm loosened it in the 1930s so they took it down, but the most memorable aspect of it is what's called her "Roman Toe". Notice that, like mine, her 2nd toe is longer than her big toe...they said she was built in Rome, and the Romans thought the longer 2nd toe represented "intelligence and nobility in women"!!!

Directly across the street from the Capitol is the building that houses the State Library, Supreme Court, and the State History Museum.

The Court was too dark to take any pics of, the library was literally a library, and the History Museum was pretty, but didn't give us a lot of history, just a lot of pictures. But that's alright, I can't imagine you are too terribly interested anyway!!!! hahahaha

So we get to fill in one more state on the map. By the time we get back to San Antonio in October I think we will be able to fill in 6 more!!!


  1. I like the 2nd big toe theory!!!!

  2. I always think of Connecticut as being a fairly progressive state, but then again, they still have Lieberman as a senator so....

  3. Maybe intel but noble?):):):):):