26 July 2012

Marie Takes Us Home!

26 July 2012--We left Sturbridge today to go back to Hanscom AFB...Emily and Marie helped us, with Emily here putting a linoleum slider in place to protect the carpet while the slide closes in front, followed by her activating the slide for us.

Now this is how we started..with Marie faking that she is driving.

Emily looking like a pro!

And now it gets real!!! We ask Marie if she would like to try driving the RV, and to MY surprise, she says "yes". Putting the steering wheel in place and taking off.

Marie takes the wheel...I can't believe she did this!!!

Moving along much more calmly than I would have expected. I point out the trees moving behind her so you won't think we are fooling around.

Taking the "wide left"! I think she is a natural!!!

And finally, getting out of the chair and back on the couch where she settles in for a nap due to her exhaustion! haha


  1. riding in the rv it was awesome

  2. Man it brought back memories. She did just as good as I would have done. Tell her Job Well Done!

  3. Way to go Marie!!!!! Apply for a "Bus Driver's" job. I'm sure you can handle the Bay View or City Point route. Since you "love" children so much you may prefer a school bus driver.

  4. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great couple more days RVing!! Never thought I'd try and drive. Not sure what came over me??? or more what came over Paula and Cathy thinking this was a good idea. I am soooo glad i tried it but once is enough!!

    Thanks for everything.
    Love ya, Marie

  5. I finally got to watch these videos - Paula your laugh is a dead give way that you are nervous!
    haha - Wow, I'm still a little shocked by my mother!

  6. I am still shocked by your mother also...and I was only nervous when she was heading to the guardrail--haha!