17 May 2013

Sandfest 2013

17 May 2013--It's been a few weeks, but Cathy and I went down to Aransas Pass, TX...the gulf coast of Texas...to visit our friends Lynn and Breena who live down there.  The last weekend of April we went to the 2013 Texas Sandfest over at Port Aransas.

We went to 2 days of the 3 day event, with Saturday being beautiful weather, but Sunday "not so much"!     There were easily a couple hundred thousand people there on Saturday alone. You can drive your car or golf cart right on the beach...Lynn started with a Texas flag on her golf cart but bought and swapped out for the "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" flag on Sunday.


Believe it or not, the 9 pictures are of sand sculptures made by amateurs...wow!  The last 3 pics were down by a group of older ladies that we caught in action.


And here are the professional entries.  We thought this would be an award winner, with the 4 people who died named on the back half of the eagle, if for no other reason than how timely it was, but surprisingly it didn't .


There are different categories for solo versus duo/team entries.  This was the 2nd place solo winner.


And the 1st place solo entry.  This was good, but Cathy and I were very surprised that it took 1st.  There were at least 3-4 others we liked better.

3rd place solo.


This was one of our favorites that didn't get any award at all.  It was called "Hide and Seek" and was just adorable.  It was really big so hard to catch in one shot, but all the animals are strewn throughout the castle area hiding in different spots.  The last pic shows just a "butt" sticking out...really cute!


This was the 1st place winner, duo entry.  The detail in the "mouth spewing" lizard is crazy.


Another one that got no prize, but we really liked.


And finally, the 2nd place duo winner.  Incredible how much this sand sculpture actually looks like John Lennon!

The skies as we race off the beach on Sunday afternoon to beat the coming storm!!!  (The storm actually never really materialized, but of course we didn't know that as we hurried to the car.)

We are in Boston right now, leaving in 3 days to head back to San Antonio.  Will take about 3 weeks to get there, with stops probably in West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee along the way.  Here's hoping it's peaceful!!!


    I LOVED THE BOSTON STRONG ONE – The bed looks like you could lay down and take a nap on it…

    Very nice!!

  2. What a mob! Looks like Spring Break. LOVE the opening sculpture showing all the sponsors. What a clever way to show off the sponsors logos...in sand! It is amazing what can be done with that medium.

  3. I like the hide and seek one too. It was fun looking.

  4. Incredible!!!! I am with Kristine, can't make a castle with buckets.....
    Must of been a lot of Native Americans on the voting panel, lol
    As good as it was, I don't see it taking first place!

  5. I love watching kids play in the sand but i don't like the feel of it much. It boggles my mind how much detail is in every sculpture. I'd love to go to one of these. I really like the Boston Strong and the one of John Lennon is amazing.