22 May 2013

"4th Annual Ball Game", etc.

22 May 2013--Cathy and I were home in Boston for 2 weeks, so we held our "4th Annual Ball Game" out at Hanscom AFB where we stayed.  Marie and her crew arrived first...probably to talk strategy!!! haha


So once my friend Trudie and then Ellen and a couple of her kids arrived we picked sides and commenced the game.  I forget the actual score, but I think it ended up about 14-8...with my side winning, of course!!!


And here we have the winning team (mine)!!!  Followed by the losing team!!!  And everyone together!!!


After the game we all went back to the RV to eat and hang out, with most of the afternoon being beautiful weather.  It was late when it turned quite cold, thus that is me bundled in 2 sweatshirts while I give a ride to Bridget.  That contraption we are on is quite difficult to pedal...my thighs were screaming in pain the next 2 days.


We went inside the RV later, where Bridget was having a ball for herself trying to mimic Cathy's body posture.  She just laid down beside Cathy and for some reason found it really interesting as to how Cathy  was sitting there.  She had a heck of a time trying to cross her legs at the knee...it seemed her leg had a mind of its own and just wouldn't go over for her.  What a doll!!!


Here's a little of the game action so you can get a feel for it!!!  haha

A few days later Cathy and I went into Southie to see Emily's Spring Show at school.  They were doing a patriotic theme in honor of all those involved in the events of the Marathon bombing, with each class, from pre-K to 6th grade, each getting up and singing 2 songs each.  Emily's class sang the National Anthem and something else.

Cathy and I picked up Peggy and met Marie and Jen at school.  Kristine came later so I don't have a picture (sorry Kristine--haha).


Notice in the 3rd picture that Emily is seeing me take her picture.


And now, as the curtain closes, she is finally acknowledging that we are there.

And a few days after that we went down to Duxbury to watch Kaleigh's soccer game and hang out at Jen's and Jeff's house.

A couple action shots of Kaleigh.


Hey...it's my blog, so it's just me and the little ones at Jen's!!!  haha


I am posting this from Charleston, West Virginia.  Arrived yesterday and heading into the Capitol today.  Stay tuned.


  1. My first question, How did Bridget get on both teams???
    It was great to have you home and the game was so much fun.
    though I don't think the score was so far apart????
    Love you and miss you

  2. now bridget is riding her car with hand in the air yelling wooooo

  3. I stole some of these pictures! This was such a fun day...
    You forgot to mention how Thomas was MVP and Rookie of the Year!!


  4. Looks like great weather...what a fun time.

  5. great day, great pics. Our family needed a few laughs and some time together.
    W/O realizing it Bridget entertains and enthralls all who spend any time with her. All the kids love having the family together. When everyone left Jen's Jack sobbed saying he was sad that Paula and Cathy were leaving again. He'd like you to be around all the time since you are so much fun !!!!

  6. Looks like you all had a good time. How come your team or you always win. I think you have a problem with losing. Hahahaha

  7. We had a great time with the ball game and visiting with everyone...especially the kids...and Marie you are right, Bridget is like a magnet...can't help but be captivated by her antics! And Hallie, once a winner, always a winner!!! Something else I can't help!!! haha

  8. Did you try to explain just how much fun it would be to have Paula around all the time??? lol
    Just kidding Paula you know I love you and I also love when you are around!!!

    1. haha Ellen...I will get you back!!! lol