25 March 2013

Aransas Pass, TX

18-25 Mar 2013--Came to Aransas Pass, TX for our last week on the road, visiting with a couple friends, Lynn and Breena, who live down here in southern Texas, by the ocean.  Lynn is retired from the Air Force and Breena is a school teacher and basketball/softball coach at the local high school.

They are at a really nice RV park, The Palms, that has almost daily entertainment for the residents and visitors, including Karaoke night every Wednesday evening.  It generally has a big turnout, especially from the "winter Texans", the visitors who come 4-6 months every year to get out of Canada, North Dakota and the like for the winter months.  They all encouraged Lynn and Breena to join them, under duress, on the dance floor!  I had videos of them dancing, but unfortunately they came out too dark to post.

Pretending they are at a concert!  haha

This is the owner of the RV park and a winter Texan teaming up for a song.  They really get into this...some of them actually come during the day to practice.  haha

On Friday we decided to take Lynn's and Breena's scooters for a spin, but Lynn had to teach me how to drive it first.  Here I launch for the 1st time.


So now that I knew what I was doing (?), Cathy and I headed for the ferry about 10 miles away to get over to Port Aransas, also called Mustang Island, where Lynn was going to meet us to have lunch.


So what happened here? After Cathy and I got to Port "A", and while we waited for Lynn to join us, we went down by the ocean to see what we could see...pelicans, dolphins, people fishing off the pier. We then got back on the scooters to head to the restaurant, but had to do a "U-turn" out of the parking lot to head out.  Inadvertently, I hit the underside of the kickstand area of the bike on the curb, dragging it a bit, and producing a scraping sound that made me momentarily cringe. In somewhat of a panic at the thought that I was messing up Lynn's scooter, I put my left foot out to try to sort of push off the curb, but at the same time mistakenly accelerated on the gas, producing a herky-jerky motion that had me lurching left and right, back and forth, as I alternately gassed and braked the vehicle over several yards of parking lot before I could come under control again!!!  In all honesty, I was screaming in pain...I think I either hyper-extended my knee or tore a ligament or something.  This is Monday as I type this and I am stilled hobbled by it.


But anyway, we had a great time with good friends, at a great RV park by the ocean...nothing like "fun in the sun"!!!  (Although we had a couple cool days--haha)  We are actually thinking of coming back once our medical appointments in San Antonio are done in a few weeks and staying here for 2 to 2 1/2 months.  Hoping to get back mid-April till next round of appointments in late June, and then take off for a 4 month trip to do more sightseeing.  That's the plan anyway, so we shall see.  


I am calling this the "RVers Anthem"...sign along everyone!

So the sun sets on our 5 week journey...on our way back to San Antonio now.


  1. Surprised you did not mention the wind (or maybe I overlooked it). The Corpus Christi NAS has a great RV park that we stayed at for 8 days. Windy all but 2 of the days. I take you missed all the Spring Break action? It's supposed to be crazy crowded down there. Hope your knee gets better soon!

  2. Is that sunset pic from Saturday nite? I stopped at the end of 188 going on to 37, to take a pic of it. The camera doesn't show it nearly as big as it looked. And as I continued to drive, little wisps of clouds were in front of it and it looked really cool, but even zooming, I couldn't do it justice. Very nice park, it was a good day. Thanks

  3. I cant get the videos in work, so I will have to get one of the kids laptops!

    Looks like you had a lot of good laughs.

    A little over dramatic on the couch pics.....
    If I were Cathy I would have probably kick you to the curb,
    you are way to much work!!!! lol

  4. Steve, most days were breezy, but pleasant actually, and we didn't have any of the Spring Break crowds at all...I think they are further down to South Padre Island, maybe?

    Barb, That sunset was a different night from your visit.

    Ellen, I am NOT too much work!!!! A girl just likes to have fun! haha

  5. looks like you had a great rest and lots of fun, except for the knee. What a bummer. I am dying to ride one of those scooters. I was so jealous until you said you got hurt. That is my fear that i will panic and mess up with the gas and the brake.
    Don't listen to Ellen and take care of the knee!!!
    Yes, Karen would love it and be right at home. SHe had such a fun heart when she was up.

  6. Just read your blog on the scooters….ha ha ha. The video of your maiden voyage was pretty funny. Noticing how you dragged your left foot on the ground, I’m not too surprised you ended up hurting it. I have to agree with Ellen on the dramatic pose on the couch. Unless, of course, the hand thrown across your forehead is in the shape of an “L”!
    The park does seem really nice. I’d love the karaoke.

  7. Marie, I would hope that both Ellen and now even Julie would realize that I was joking on the couch. Not that my knee didn't hurt, as a matter of fact it still does today (Friday), but I was definitely OVER-dramatizing it with the couch shtick!!! haha

    And JUlie, your "L" for loser comment is not lost on me...good one!!! haha