14 February 2013

The "Texas Militia"!

14 Feb 2013--"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Taking the 2nd amendment to heart, Cathy, Barb and I decided to start our own chapter of the Texas Militia, so we went out to a shooting range this past Friday to bone up (haha).

Here I am, slaying the dragon, as they say!  If you blow up the 3rd pick you can not only see the smoke coming out of the barrel, but actual fire!  And I posted my target at this point so that you could see it only took me 2 shoots to hit the bullseye...they call me "Ole Deadeye" in our group!

I was thinking of a "Charlie's Angels" theme here, but we didn't have a 3rd gun because Hallie couldn't make it, so I went with "Cagney and Lacy" instead.  Barb really didn't want take part in the fun, so I had to enlist Cathy to take the back-to-back shots.

I feel pretty confident that at least the 3 of us are safe for the coming apocalypse so ably predicted by NRA chief Wayne LaPierre!  haha


Turn up your volume to hear the commentary  on the videos.  Here is Cathy, "Ole Blood and Guts" taking aim.  Cathy is firing Barb's 9mm automatic, so she doesn't have to do anything, like pull the hammer back, between shots.

I am using Cathy's .38 revolver, so you either have to squeeze much harder to fire, or pull the hammer back between shots.

Cathy's hands are bigger so it is easier for her to pull the hammer back between shots than it is for me.  (That's why in a crisis I have come to rely on her for protection--haha)

Here I forget to place my left hand under the butt of the gun and therefore pay the consequences.

And finally, Barb shooting the .38 without pulling the hammer back...you can see it is a little harder, and consequently longer, between shots.

So we had a little fun target shooting, but just to make sure this blog is not misconstrued by anyone, Wayne LaPierre can keep his Bushmaster assault rifles while we keep our puny hand guns as all the protection we need! Ole Deadeye and  Ole Blood and Guts will be just fine!  haha


  1. Don't forget, Zombies need a shot to the head to put them down. :o)

  2. I feel safer already !!!!
    Keep experiencing all that there is in life !

  3. I should have been there...
    we work really great together when reenacting situations!!! haha

    1. Yeah Ellen...you could have been Farah Fawcett!