20 February 2013

Davis Mountains

20 Feb 2013--Arrived here in Ft Davis, TX Monday afternoon, and we are staying here at the McMillen RV Park, less than a mile from the small town.  There is a Ft Davis Historic sight here, which we are assuming was an old fort probably established back when the west was settled, but we will find out more tomorrow or the next day when we go to see it.  The RV park is small, but nice...especially the scenery around us and the guy who is the camp host...very helpful as to what to see and do!

Took a drive along the 75 mile long scenic loop into and through the Davis Mountains yesterday. Stopping for pictures, of course, it took about 3 hrs total, and was well worth the trip.  We were surprised at how mountainous this region of Texas is...most of what we have seen over the years is flat and dreary, so this was more than a pleasant surprise.

We took these pics in the hopes that Hallie can tell us what they are.  They almost look like small palm trees, and there are thousands of them throughout the mountains, but they sort of look out of place so we don't know if they are native or not.

There are a lot of these cactus plants too.  The little yellow flowers on the tips are very pretty.

At this pullout they had a tribute to the stagecoach drivers who traveled through here using this route.


Here are 4 stitch pics that you can click on to get a more expansive view.

We didn't see any wildlife at all on our trip, but when we looped back around to our RV site, here was a hawk atop a telephone pole.

We continued on into town to see a "drug store" called the Old Texas Inn, which is actually a restaurant and hotel.  Loved the soda fountain as you enter to the left...reminded me of Woolworths when we were kids.

Here is the pattern on the top of the stools, the candy they sell...and check out the bathrooms!  3 stalls side-by-side, and don't you love the curtains!?

So we had a nice, relaxing afternoon.  Hoping the weather warms up a bit so we can go and do some hiking and other sightseeing over the next several days.


  1. First, grammar is much much better!!! lol

    I like the whole set up of the drug store, seems like you
    in the Old West.

    Are you sure you are in Texas??? Where have they been hiding
    those mountains????

    Hope the weather get better for you

    1. I know Ellen, I love the mountains...reminded me big time of Wyoming and Utah!!!

  2. We loved that ride around and Ft Davis ole Ft is so interesting. I cound never open the last blog but I got to see it with this one. Stay well. Cathy I guess you got the phone call about your mom. Hope all is well. Stay safe.

  3. They are a part of the Yucca Plants family.

    1. I knew you would knw, Hallie...touche!

  4. I love the "Old West" drug store. It is so cool. Emily says she'd pee her pants before she'd use that curtained bathroom !!!!
    The cactus flowers are cool. They look like bananas shaped into a yellow pepper.
    Keep having fun.
    Love ya, Marie

    1. The bathroom cracked me up...and the walls between stalls were made from old doors...really a trip! That is funny about Emily!