16 October 2010

Sing It With Me...OOOOklahoma!

14-16 Oct 2010--We left Amarillo for Oklahoma City on Thursday and saw this huge cross while still in Texas. There were billboards on both sides of the road announcing it as the biggest crucifix in the Western hemisphere.

All I knew about Oklahoma was what I learned from the 1950s musical (haha), so I was surprised to learn it is a city of over 1/2 million people.

We were also surprised to see so much red earth along the drive. Colorado is clearly not the only state with lots of red rock and dirt.

Staying here at Tinker AFB Famcamp, quite a happening place. We had to stay the 1st night in the overflow section because they were sold out. Whoda thunk it?
Right outside the RV this little bird caught my eye when dive bombing the hawk below him/her. Must have been protecting a nest, I guess.

This is the Oklahoma State flag, with an explanation of how it came to be and what is symbolized in it on the right.

Then here is the state license plate, along with one we saw from Cherokee Nation that has the Cherokee Nation state seal in the middle of it. I like how both the state flag and license plate honor their early heritage as an Indian territory. (More on this later.)
So yesterday Cathy and I saw that they were having an RV show at the state fairgrounds, so we went down to look at what they had...it is sort of like house hunting for us! haha
While we were there we realized they were having a horse show in one of the other buildings, so we checked that out. These boys and girls were competing for the 2010 National Championship, while the guy in the 3rd pic was warming up his horse for a different competition.
There were lots of competitors there for this type competition, so we figured there was a lot of money in the house!

Today we went down to the State Capitol building and then across the way to the State History Museum. The Indian at the top of the dome is called "The Great Defender". Although the building was built between 1914 and 1917, the dome itself wasn't added to the building until 2002.

Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907...this is the state seal. Interestingly, the 5 pics in the points of the star are from what they called "the 5 Civilized Tribes", and then the pic in the middle represents the settlers.

Outside the building, placed into the ground, are these commemorative stars, depicting a great event in the state's history. This one is of the great Land Run of 1889...another was of repeal of state-imposed Prohibition. When Oklahoma became a state in 1907 it was written into the constitution that it would be a "dry" state. It wasn't until 1959 that they changed that part of the constitution.

Oklahoma became a state as the great robber barons were being put asunder by Teddy Roosevelt, therefore they say they have a very progressive state constitution. And although they have term limits, Oklahoma has one of the few full-time legislative bodies in the west. They actually meet for 4 months every year...remember Wyoming was only 20 and 40 days, every other year!

The rotunda area of the capitol is very pretty, with pics along the dome depicting historic events.

Throughout the building they have pics of famous Oklahomans, like Jim Thorpe and Will Rogers pictured here.
I couldn't get into the Senate or Supreme Court rooms, but they let us right onto the floor of the House of Representatives. (Most places just let you look down from the gallery.)

Making my 1st speech as an honorary Oklahoman!

Because it is the people's house, you can hold functions here for free...these people are guests at some one's wedding!

This is a painting showing what it used to look like right outside the Capitol building...remember that Oklahoma is another big oil state.
After touring the Capitol we went over to the State History Museum, which had quite a collection of stuff t look at. Outside is this statue, titled "Unconquered"! And info about the sculptor and what he is depicting.
Inside they had several rooms with everything from Oklahoma's contribution to rock and roll, country music and the space program, to the civil war, civil rights and law and order, but by far the most interesting was the early history room telling us about the Indian tribes and the Great Land Run of 1889 and others. I think we have all seen movies about this, the most recent I can think of was with Tom Cruise and his then-wife Nicole Kidman...(can't remember the name of the movie though). What a way to parcel out land!!!

I guess we all love the old outlaws because of the movies, too!

Life here has not been for the faint of heart...Marie, show or read the 4th pic to Jack, because it talks about them having to eat rabbit, and it was called "fried jack"!

I haven't seen these other guys, but I have seen Reba at least 3 or 4 times and she is great in person!

This was in the education section and it cracked me up. Anyone my age remembers this...even the part with correct posture, feet flat on the floor...you gotta love it!
I was very surprised to learn that there are 39 Tribal Governments in the state of Oklahoma, home to more Native Americans than any other state. I know I didn't personally do anything, but I can't help but feel guilty everytime I read this stuff.


  1. OOOOOOHHHHHHKLAHOMA .........! For today anyway, I want to be Gordon McCray, which means you're going to have to be Shirly (?) And I don't mean Partrige. I know, do you?


  2. Love Reba! But, any sign of Cher? (think again re: Cherokee Nation) lol

  3. I know whay u mean about feeling bad about the American Indian. How much was that new travel home that Cathy was standing in. Very pretty State Capital. I like how it was open to everyone to us.

  4. I'm not sure if Jack will be impressed or grossed out????
    The dome of the capital is beautiful!!!!!!!
    I find all the stuff about the Indians fascinating and tragic.

  5. Brian, I am not sure what you are talking about. Hallie, I think you could get that RV for about $250K.
    Marie, I forgot that Jack actually has a rabbit, so he may be horrified at the thought of "fried jack"...maybe you shouldn't tell him. haha

  6. Paula, He's talking about the movie "Oklahoma". It's a musical. I love that movie.

  7. I know we are talking about the movie, that's why I titled the entry that way, but his last question "I know, do you?"...what does he mean by that? Does he mean Jones? As in Shirley Jones?