23 October 2010

Almost Home

23 Oct 2010--We left Oklahoma on Thursday, making a couple stops along the way to San Antonio. This is the map we are using to keep track of our travels...sent one to Emily and Kaleigh so they could follow us...so Marie, you can tell the kids to fill in Oklahoma as the 14th state we have visited in our travels so far.

Stopped in Hickory Creek, TX, just north of Dallas, to visit a couple friends living there. Lynn and Breena live in a 5th wheel in an Army Corps of Engineer Park where they "work camp"...that means they cut the grass and police the area as "camp hosts" and get to live there for free (Ellen I can see you doing this in the future). Lynn just quit her full-time job at the airport, and Breena is a school teacher and coach at a local High School. They are looking to start their own RV Park within the next couple months, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for them that everything works out as they hope it will.

Outside their RV they have this contraption, called a "Texas Night Light"...I thought it was pretty funny, but pretty handy, too!

Lynn took us out Friday to see the site where they hope to build their RV park, and after that we stopped for a short visit in the town of Grapevine. There are so many quaint little towns like this out west...cute, but I don't think I would want to grow up here.

City Hall has a cowboy holding a lantern on the top of it...haven't seen this sentry before.

Another log cabin.

Ode to a windmill!

Monument to the pioneers...check out the guys eyes!!!

Cute little town, had a farmer's market going on while we were there.
And I'm not sure it gets any better than this! Looks like Marie is making a comeback since she was on Dancing with the Stars!
On our way to Burnet, TX to spend a couple days visiting with Carol and John, then on to San Antonio for a couple months. Talk to you soon.


  1. I am not sure I would like to work at an rv site.
    But I would if I had to.
    The guys eyes look like he was going to have a heart attack! haha
    And as far as Marie Osmond, she has been selling them for every, it's one of her business.

  2. Dang, I look like I am marching while looking up! What a geek

  3. Lynn, I thought you liked like you were marching also...that's funny!

    Ellen, I see you are keeping up on the happenings of the Osmonds...touche!

  4. Ellen,

    I don't know why but I love Donnie & Marie. I was also laughed at on the 4th July @ Mark's cookout for loving the Monkeys. Am I the only one??

  5. I love Donny and Marie also. They are doing a Christmas concert and I was bummed when I looked into it further and saw that is happening in New York. It goes back to our much simpler upbringing!!

  6. why do you have my map on your blog

  7. I would definately go to see Donny and Marie...brings back old times! And Emily, I thought we could map out my travels together, so I have the same map as you guys!