24 October 2010

Final Stop Before Going Home

25 Oct 2010--Made our final stop, to see John and Carol for a couple days, before going into San Antonio for a couple months. They have been at Big Chief RV Resort for about 3 weeks, just relaxing and doing some antique shopping, so we thought we would stop for 2 days for a quick visit. Big Chief is in Burnet, TX, about 100 miles north of San Antonio, and right on Lake Buchanan. Carol said they had beautiful sunsets every night they have been there...a nice park to just chill out at.

The 1st afternoon we were there we headed to this fundraiser for a local health care clinic in the area. They had what they call a "Chuck Wagon Cook-off", where all these people dress up in period costume and literally have a cook-off with awards in beans, beef, pie, etc. Below is Bob with his son. Bob had entered his 1st cook-off and actually took 1st place in beans. He had a few 2nd place finishes also, so I took his picture and told him I would make him famous on the blog.
They had some stuff for sale there too...cowboy stuff!!!
They were giving buggy rides, and had some music...in all honesty the cowboy band was a little rough, but it was for a good cause so no one seemed to mind.

On Sunday Cathy and I went into the town of Burnet (pronounced like burn-it), a town of about 4500 people. It had the feel of a place trying to hang on...even most of the buildings in their historic district were empty.

With the exception of 2 antiques stores, the few places that were occupied were closed because it was Sunday. The barber shop reminded me of Andy of Mayberry...and the building marked "City Hall" was actually empty.

This was interesting. In the middle of the town square, in front of the court house, was this historic walkway. It laid out milestones in the town's history on marked bricks, so it was different and cute.

On another side of the courthouse was this explanation of how we came to lower the flag when someone of import dies, and then this small monument to the brave.

I don't know why this was here, but it was so I took a pic. Just one of those stupid things to give you a little chuckle, I guess.

So there really wasn't much to do in Burnet, but we went there to see our friends, not the area, so we had a great time anyway.
Pulled into San Antonio late this afternoon. We'll probably be here till sometime in January when we will head east. So until then, I won't be blogging every day, just here and there to let you know we are still out here. I am thinking that over the next couple days I am going to try to digest everything we have seen and done over the past 5 months, and then I might have an "impressions" blog to post...hahahaha...I know you all can't wait for that one!!! hahahaha


  1. I have seen chuck wagon cook-off on the travel channel, never new anyone who was @ one. Looked like fun. I loved the minature chuck wagon. I am getting my computer set up tonight so I will be back on email, only took me 4 months!!!

  2. 'Bout time, Patti! Good to have you back in the 21st century.

  3. Those were beautiful sunsets and I loved the world's smallest city park. I've really enjoyed you guys living the dream since you were in Albuquerque. Can't wait for you guys to hit the road again. Stay in touch.

  4. Just spent the last 2 days washing and waxing the rv...still not finished and my arms atre killing me...so aside from planning out our trip for next year and catching up with friends, we will keep pretty busy here. We are looking forward to next year also, so keep your eye out for the "update" e-mails!