20 September 2010

A Little Flagstaff

20 Sep 2010--Went to downtown Flagstaff today, the historic district of which runs along the famous Route 66. I am fairly sure there was a TV show when we were kids by that name...maybe a cop show? Does anyone remember?

This is both an old-time train station, a current Amtrak station, and the towns Visitor Center.

Here are just a few shots of the historic district. Basically we are talking an area of about 4 blocks wide and 6 blocks deep. Most of the buildings were built in the late 1800s. In the 2nd pic there are a bunch of bikers, and the 3rd pic is of the county courthouse.

Just some colorful buildings. The hotel is still a working hotel/restaurant today.

This was the 1st Catholic Church built in Flagstaff...it was moved twice before ending up at this spot, and it is made of volcanic rock.
It was pretty dark inside, but the altar area was pretty.
Up in the back, there was a guy playing the organ. I guess he was practicing...it made for a good visit. haha

Here is an old diner. Can't you just see this in the 1950s?! John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John?!

So today wasn't a "you have got to be kidding me" day...just a regular tourist day. We are resting until we go into the Grand Canyon on Wednesday...On your mark, get set....


  1. Oh yea, Route 66 was a show. I can remember the man whose name was Cookie and he combed his hair all the time and drove a convertible. That's about all my memory can muster up. Maybe someone will come up with more.

  2. Same memory. We remember "Cookie" because he was sooo cute!!!
    I love the look of the outside of the church. Especially the close up of the steeple.
    I also love the big brick bldg on Aspen street.
    Posting at one in the morning??? I thought it was a slow day.
    Tomorrow, tomorrow - you go girls!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marie, that one in the morning posting is 10 PM west coast time...I liked how the church was trimmed in pink...and yes Carol, I definately remember the convertible and Cookie. I can't remember which one was which, but I feel there were 2 main guys, a blond and brunette...wasn't Cookie the brunette?

  4. Yes I remember Route 66. Paula I think your thinking of One Adam 12 with the blonde and brunette hair guys.
    Living in this little town looks like living in the Old West. Cool!!!!

  5. Ellen, I think both shows had guys with blond and brown hair...I can almost see their faces in my mind's eye.

  6. I am amazed how CLEAN the streets are! When I think back of your pictures, the streets are always clean. Really makes Boston and surrounding cities look trashy, which is too bad. Wouldn't it be great if West Broadway and East Broadway looked the historic district?
    Paula, I believe you can "google" Route 66 and see the guys that were on the show. Unlike the rest of you, I was busy doing my homework when the show was on.

  7. Arlene, you're right...the streets are clean! And I don't mean to insult anyone, but one of the things I noticed when I was home in Boston was how dirty it was...especially the subway!!!
    I didn't think to google Route 66...I will. And I did my homework as soon as I got home from school, so that I could relax at night...you probably needed to work on your time-management skills!

  8. You calling Boston dirty I don't think is an insult, "it is what it is". I believe my time management skills were fine. I probably was not as "bright" as you and needed extra time to complete my assignments. However, I do remember being in a high school math class with you and receiving the highest grade on a test which was 20%, and everyone else got a "0" including YOU. Maybe if you didn't rush through your homework you could have been "high scorer".
    It is funny some of the things we remember. You did have a good laugh about my "20%" because you said it was like the rest of you didn't even try but I tried and that was the best I could do.
    I'm sorry now everyone on your blog knows you failed a test.

  9. Arlene! I think you are dreaming!!! I don't think I ever got a "0" on anything in my life!!! And certainly not Math, which I was very good at. On the other hand, I can hear myself making fun of your pathetic effort that resulted in a "20"...so I will trust your memory over mine. That is TOOOO funny!!!

  10. You're both nuts!!!!!!! but thanks for the laughs!!!

  11. Paula, remember Sr. Richard Marie a/k/a Sr. Virginia, your favorite Math teacher? I believe it was geometry because I did excellent in algebra. I apologize, I won't embarrass you like that again.

  12. Arlene, I do remember Sr Richard...and regardless of her animosity towards me, and my dislike of geometry, I cannot believe I ever got a zero!!! I think I did well in both geometry and algebra, but again, I defer to your memory! haha