26 September 2010

The Big K-Over and Out!

26 Sep 2010--Last day at the Grand Canyon, have pretty much seen what there is to see short of going on a 24 mile hike down into the canyon on an overnight stay! NOT!

Cathy saw these deer in the RV park 1st thing this morning. Check out the 2nd pic that has the buck with the bloody horns. His velvet must have just come off. I have never seen that before.

We had spent the last 3 days going east, then west, then down into the canyon, so this afternoon we decided to walk along the rim road for the couple miles that constitute the center of the park. I thought I recognized these buzzards from yesterday's hike...I'm sure they were waiting for me to falter on the hike back up.
Just a couple last shots.
Cathy thinks it's funny that Ellen and Eleanor are nervous looking at some of our pics.

On Rim Road at the center of the park, they have what they call the "Walk of Time," where they have sample rocks from a gazillion years ago along with info on placards about floods, volcanoes, etc. I thought Emily might to look at some of these...they are really old, and represent rock formations here at the Grand Canyon.
When I think of earthquakes I think of California. This map shows all the earthquakes that have occurred in this area over the last 20 years.
I took these pics just to show Ellen that she could still come to the Canyon...not every road is right up against the cliffs. This is Rim Road that we were on tonight. And I took the last pic just to show that people were really stupid over 100 years ago, too!
Here are some pics just showing how the colors change over a period of minutes as the sun is going down. I love how golden and red the different rocks look when you blow up the pics.
Driving back to the RV Park we got lucky and saw this elk off the side of the road. This was the 1st male elk we have seen here.
So our stay is over. We have loved it! And tomorrow we head out to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert that Marie's friend told us about. We will only be there for 2 days before heading to Albuquerque, and then on to Amarillo and Oklahoma City. The trip is winding down, leading us back to San Antonio for a couple months before going east again.


  1. What a trip! what sights you two have seen! I know we enjoyed our selves and I know you have just seen the tip of the ice berg. Awesome pictures and great Blog Paula.

  2. Cathy has a very sick sense of humor!!!!
    But I did notice on some pictures she in not right at the edge, so at least she listens!!!haha
    Great pics must be hard to leave.

  3. I love the pic of Cathy hanging onto the rock! Except for her smiling it would look so REAL! The sun setting and creating so many different looks is wonderful.
    At some point in the future will you be coming here again from a different entrance point?

  4. The only part of the park that we haven't been to is at the west entrance...that is where they have that glass thing you can pay to walk out on over the cliffs. I don't know if we are ever going there though. I don't rule it out!

  5. The buck with bloody horns, I would be wondering if there was a person whose stomach was punctured by the horns and was laying helpless on the ground somewhere. Paula, how come Cathy was the guinea pig for clinging on to the rocks and you were the photographer? You're no fool, you haven't changed!!!
    The guy sitting on the edge of the cliff appears to be suicidal.
    What do you mean the trip is winding down....no more blogs...what will I do for my nightly entertainment?
    Great pictures and your descriptions have been enjoyable!
    Marie, you are right if you met them in the Grand Canyon you would have been one of the statistics. Paula, when Marie and I go out to dinner I have to drop her at the door of the restaurant and park the car.
    Glad she met you in Utah.
    Travel safely.

  6. Arlene, I am glad someone mentioned the bloody horns...it is not like anyone I know sees that every day!
    Once we go back to San Antonio, probably 2-3 weeks, we will go into hibernation for Nov-Dec time frame (haha). Maybe a blog here or there, but mostly gearing up for taking off again sometime in January.

  7. Hurry up and get here we miss u two