16 September 2010

Heck of a Hike!

16 Sep 2010--Drove about 40 miles south of here to take in the scenery and to take a hike in what is called the Cathedral Wash that a local had told us about earlier in the week. Along the way, we stopped at the Navajo Bridge, a bridge 6 miles from Lee's Ferry, an area famous for being where people used to cross the Colorado River back in the old days.

Seeing as we are still in northern Arizona, it is not surprising that the Mormoms played a significant role in this area. Note that Lee's Ferry was known as "Honeymoon Trail" back in the day.

The bridge on the left is the bridge built in 1929 that replaced Lee's Ferry, and was the only bridge across the Colorado River at that time for 600 miles. The one on the right was built in 1995 to replace the original, making the one on the left a foot bridge now.
This is a stitch of the area as you look out from the bridge.
Heading down the road just a few miles we came to our hiking area...Cathedral Wash. We were taking the Lower Cathedral, heading to the Grand Canyon.
We were actually going on a hike down into what is usually a dry creek bed. It was going to be a 2.5 mile round-trip hike, with our half-way end point being at the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

In no time we were descending into the Wash.

The rocks were really interesting...check out these ones that look like a honeycomb.
Cathy is helping me here...laying a stepping stone so that I don't jump down into the mud. There were only a few places that had any water, but we were told that flash floods happened here, so we were on the lookout!

This looked like a little bus stop covering...how considerate, especially considering that it had to be 100 degrees as we were taking this hike.
We were surprised that we were steadily descending into the Wash. There seemed to be no end to our climbing down, and down, and down.

Cathy slid down the rocks at one point. Ended up turning her ankle and foot backwards under her butt, so had an injury. We didn't bring our Emergency Wilderness Kit, so we weren't prepared for any wounds. Fortunately, she's tough!

How beautiful are these rocks when the sun hits them a certain way?! It is at this point that we can hear water rushing somewhere, so we are hoping that it is the Colorado River and not a flash flood heading our way! haha

We are dangerously close to the Colorado, and Cathy is holding back this rock for me to pass.
We finally make it...it took us 2 hours to go 1 1/4 miles!

And now we have to go back. I am a little concerned because it seemed that we endlessly descended the Wash as we made our way to the river. So of course that means we will be climbing back up on our way out...

We saw several animal prints in the wet sandy areas on our way back that we didn't see on our way in...is something stalking us?...we are thinking bobcat on these...and a little nervous.
Almost there...it only took us 1 1/4 hours to get back to the Wash entrance, so a total of 3 1/4 hours for the trip of 2.5 miles.

Coming up out of the Wash at the end.
Before heading home we thought we would go down to the Lee's Ferry area, just to see what was there. They had a couple buildings, but nothing much more than that. More interesting were these rock formations alongside the road. These are true "hoodoos", in that they have a rock on top of them. What happens is a hard rock falls from the mountain above on top of softer rock below, and then over time the elements wear away the soft rock underneath, creating these hoodoos. Eventually the soft rock will go away completely, toppling the hard rock to the ground.

These are 2 shots from the Lee's Ferry area, the last shots before we head back home. Totally different, but equally beautiful.


  1. Another "WOW". I love the pic near the top of you and Cathy with the light on the mountains in the background. Breathtaking.
    Cathy, how's the foot? You're a trooper.
    The pics of the sun hitting the rocks are gorgeous. I love the water pics of course. Makes me miss summer and swimming. Wish we could swim all year.
    I am not sure I could have done that hiking??? Scary enough in spots going down but climbing back up??? with Cathy hurt she probably wouldn't have been able to drag me -ha-ha.
    And once again those animal tracks would make things a little hairy!!!!!!!!!

  2. I believe Cathy could have held that rock for you if necessary. Not sure I beleive you could have reciprocated

  3. I have found a new follower for you. Linda Chapin. SHe went west 2 yrs ago for a summer with her husband and 2/4 children and absolutely loved it. she was at school today when I was looking at the pics and I showed her. She got so excited. Said it was the best vacation she ever took. Went to some of the places you guys have been. I am forwarding this to her and I asked her to comment becuase you guys would love it.

  4. Marie, I see you have figured out how to comment...you were certainly busy on this one. haha

    Tell Linda we are happy to have her as a follower/viewer.

    By the way, if you want to look back at any old blogs, say to recall your trip to Utah, we have placed a link to the old blog in the upper right hand corner of this blog. All you have to do is click on it and it will take you to it. It is titled "Link to Old Blog--Livin' the Dream".

  5. Where is the restroom??? Is Cathy going into the restroom in the picture on the right, directly above the picture of her injured ankle???
    After the climb down and knowing I had to climb back up I would have taken a quick dip in the water. Are there marked hiking trails or do you just figure it out yourself? I would be afraid that I wouldn't make it back up before it got dark. You ladies are BRAVE.
    Paula, my guess would be that Marie was pressing the post comment button before she was finished commenting.
    After today's hiking, tomorrow should be relaxation. It is important to rest your muscles.

  6. That water was a bit cold for a dip Arlene, much colder than anything I would jump in.
    There are no markings on the trail, but all you do is follow the dry creek bed and you are good to go. The only thing that was catchy was remembering where you climbed down in a certain area, because you had to find the easiest way back up.
    And it is funny that you mentioned being afraid of the approaching darkness. I must admit that when it was getting around 5 PM and we still weren't back to the start, the thought crossed my mind that I was going to be concerned if we weren't out of there soon. haha

  7. well I don't know if it's my new int exp or your blog but it works better for me when I enlarge the pic then go back, before it took me back to the beginning of the blog now it takes me right back to where I left off. How is the ankle?

  8. Hi guys, I'm back and catching up!
    Pics are great. Maggie wants to know if you have a guide??? I told her no, but I am really not sure.
    I would never be able to do this. First word about flash floods and I know I would be frozen.

  9. You're right Ellen...no guides. And the ankle is fine Eleanor..I was overplaying it.