10 June 2015

In the Beginning...Mile "0"!

10 Jun 2015--Drove from Hinton in Alberta to Dawson Creek in British Columbia on Monday, and along with more great scenery we had our first moose sightings!  Aren't they really some of the more goofy looking animals ever created?  haha


Dawson Creek is, although still in Canada, the beginning of the Alaska Highway, but more on that soon.  In our RV park, they had the RV'ers Prayer, so we thought we'd share it.

Two "firsts"!  Look at the size of the sweet potato here!!!  I put it alongside a regular potato just so you could get some idea of just how big it is...never saw them like that before, but they were all around that size in the last 2 grocery stores we went into.  And then I posted the quail eggs for sale.  I don't know if they're eaten a lot in Canada, but I have never seen them for sale in the dairy section before in any other store we have been in.  And although Cathy has seen and eaten quail eggs before (her family used to raise quail), she said she doesn't remember ever seeing speckled eggs...anyone else?

Dawson Creek seems to have only 2 industries; tourists driving the highway and oil workers.


The highway was jointly built by the US and Canada after the Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor.  The 3600 miles to Texas in the sign would be to southern Texas...Cathy and I have only gone 2878 miles so far!  haha  You can see in the map picture in the next segment where Dawson Creek is in relation to Alaska/Russia.

I can't help saying it:  "And I can see Russia from my house!"...there, I said it!

A combination of military and civilians built this road in about 9 months.  And just think of the conditions they were working under...check out the "Do Not Apply" notice.  haha


We have heard and read about the mosquitoes...not looking forward to that aspect of the trip.

Isn't it interesting how some people blaze their own trail?  Rusty is someone I would like to have met!

We are pretty much travelling along this route, and will hit every town annotated, and then a few more that you can see on the map...Homer, Anchorage, Valdez, Sagway, Haines, Juneau and a few more.

Not all change is good, eh?

Road out to this bridge yesterday, the only original timber bridge on the highway still in use today.


This 1st pic shows the bridge used today in the foreground, and the timber bridge behind it.

Driving around to get a different view, Cathy and I played with the camera a bit...didn't quite work out as we had planned, but we had a few laughs anyway!  haha

Resting and cooking today, and getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow morning.


  1. Angela HoffmanJune 10, 2015 8:33 PM

    Your pictures are amazing. Thanks so much for including me. The narratives are great and informative to. I'm learning so much.

    1. Hey Angela...glad you're enjoying the postings!

  2. What a journey ! LONG way up there eh?

  3. Pictures are outstanding!!!
    Getting more and more excited as I read each paragraph!!!
    See you in twenty days!!!!!!!