11 August 2014

Family Reunion 2014

11 Aug 2014--We all went to Brian's cottage in Maine on Saturday for our annual family get-together.  Peggy Foley wasn't able to come due to a sore back, and she was missed, but otherwise we all had a great time...so, Thanks to everyone, for having a good time!  haha

I tried to get everyone in a picture posted here (I have found people like to see themselves--haha), but again there are probably more of Bridget than anyone because she absolutely cracks me up!!! Check out Ryan in this series here though...he is vying for more of my attention with his gathered shoulders and the hands behind the head look!  haha


Thomas volunteered to cut his hair/shave his head for a fundraiser in Karen's name, and Brian won the bidding war, so here they are preparing to do the deed!  And then Brian appears to be really enjoying himself, but not so sure about Thomas...haha

Everyone gathered around to have a look, take their pictures, and generally have a bit of fun at Thomas's expense...even my girl Bridget got in on the last cut!!!  Jen took the beard as long as she was there...only kidding...I think Brian threw in extra money for Thomas to cut that also!

Ten inches of hair to donate for wigs!!!  Thomas also announced as a surprise to everyone...especially me...that he was also making an equal donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of breast cancer research.  Thomas, we all couldn't be more proud of you!!! Thank you!!!!

Kevin decided to get a free haircut as long as he was there.

This looks like a mostly 'surly' group!  Check out Jen in the 1st pic and all 3 in the 2nd...and Good Lord! check out the look of doom and gloom of the 4 in the boat!!!   haha  I'm thinking it's that New England look run amok!!!  Could everyone be so ticked off due to the conditions of the roads up here?  I thought it was just me and Cathy that noticed them!  haha


Back to the happy crowd.  And thanks everyone for the cake, great surprises between Thomas and that!!!


Towards the end of the day Brian held his boat races again.  Dillon won the 1st race with Emily coming in 3rd ahead of Kaleigh, while in the 2nd race Kaleigh took 2nd and Emily placed 3rd. Emily was stoked that she beat Kaleigh in the 1st race...I think that was a 1st for her!!!  Kaleigh was obviously motivated to return the favor in the 2nd race, and came out of the chutes smoking!!! Good job girls!!!


Me and my little buttercup....and then Kaleigh paying off her losing bet to me.  I think she thought she could hold out on me and I would forget it, but I cornered her for the payoff!!!  haha

Another great reunion!


  1. it is always a great and this year did not disappoint !!!! My grandkids and Mary's love seeing each other. They play as if they see each other all the time. I love it.
    Great pics as always. Great memories. Great food.

  2. What a nice family picture and looks like it was enjoyed by all.

  3. It was a great day! Thanks Brian for having us all!!!