06 August 2014

4th Annual Ballgame!

6 Aug 2014--So we had our annual ballgame on Saturday the 2nd, with my team winning, once again...it is almost getting boring!  haha

I am running with Ryan, with Emily behind me...I don't know who she is shrinking away from though. Bridget is, as always, ready to go!  I think Kristine is trying to mimic Cathy in the last pic, but doesn't quite get down into the proper catching stance.  haha

What a swing Jack has here!  Going for the fences!

Look at Bridget running behind Marie...Bridget actually got the 1st hit of the day and I think ended up going either 2 for 3 or 3 for 4 overall...she was the "Offensive Player of the Game"!  haha  Julie and Cathy are not looking too comfortable at the plate! haha

I am loving Bridget's face in the 2nd pic, and check out Ryan trying to hit and run the bases!

Trudie and Julie look like they are doing a little dance.


Have no idea what Ellen might be doing here...haha!  Kaleigh and Thomas did all the pitching for the winners!


3rd pic is one of Trudie's amazing catches...caught 2 line drives and was unanimously named the "Defensive Player of the Game"!


Michael is doing a little bit of magic with the ball in the 3rd pic, but you can't tell...needed  video!

Marie and I have our arms raised in the 3rd pic because I finally caught a ball...I have become so uncoordinated in my old age that I barely recognize myself!  ugh!!!


Jen was on the "other" team, and was determined to just keep running and ended up with a home run!!! Thomas is trying to stop her, but to no avail!  I think the 2nd and 3rd pics here are the 2 best of the day!

The winners, followed by the losers!

2 pics that just ended up in this spot..haha

Back at the RV, and waiting to eat!

So that's all folks!  Fun day had by all...thanks for coming!!!


  1. Great day. Another successful game had by all !!!!!
    Love the pics.

  2. That looks like a fun day!

  3. Great day!!!!
    You did a great job getting everyone's picture, because I know deep down you would have liked to put up only Bridget!!! LOL

    1. You know me too well, Ellen! haha It was a struggle!