05 May 2014

Coronado Island/San Diego

5 May 2014--Came down to San Diego area on Friday for 2 weeks, specifically to what they call Coronado Island, although it is really a peninsula.  These are pictures coming over the bay bridge, looking back into San Diego.


Cathy and I are at the Navy Marina and RV Park, located in the distance past these hotels.  The strip is called "The Strand", and is a really pretty area.  I would say you totally lucked out if this is your duty station!!!

This is the Navy Marina and RV Park we are at.  The blue pictures were taken the day we arrived, the cloudy ones taken today...grrr!  The stitch pic, #4, is taken from our front window.


Like Seal Beach where we just came from, the Navy base here also has its own beach, although this one totally blows away the one at Seal Beach.  The lodge in the 3rd picture has 300 rooms available for active and retired troops, and the base golf course is about 20 steps off the beach!  Talk about prime property!!!

If you blow up this 1st picture, you will see all the property owned in the San Diego area by either the Navy or the Marines.  Because of that, the waters here are filled with more Navy ships than you could possibly imagine, with a few pictured here.  The Navy Seals train right up the street from us, and this is also one of the 2 places the Marines have for their Basic Training.  (And by the way, Cathy and I are on "The Strand" in the lower right hand corner.)


So that's just a quick look at where we are staying and our immediate surroundings.  The town area looks like a real touristy area...hopefully we will have some sun and we take our bikes out to check it out another day.


  1. Nice place to spend two weeks. I can't believe what luck to have a RV park there

  2. so are you wishing you had joined the navy? and been a wave ha ha love ya

  3. To bad you don't play golf anymore.

    1. I agree...we have seen some great golf courses out here...and you know the ones on the bases are cheap, too!

  4. Looks like a fun place just to hang on the beach to me!!!
    Are you going to cross the border?? Remember when you, Karen, Kathy Croake, Peggy Bilotte and went horse back riding in Mexico!!!! Still makes me laugh!

  5. Ellen, I will never, ever forget that trip to Mexico and the horseback riding fiasco...especially Kathy Croake's horse playing "Hi, Ho, Silver!"...hahahaha Brings tears to my ears just thinking about it!!! haha However, with all the crime in Mexico over the past decade, you couldn't put a gun to my head and get me to go over that border again!