06 May 2014

Beautiful Views at Torrey Pines

5 May 2014--Went to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve on Saturday, which is basically a state park with beautiful views of the coast and really nice beaches.  These pics are as we approach the entrance.


There are lots of walking trails where you can go to overlooks of the coast and/or make your way all the way down to the beach.  We did both.  The water is incredibly blue and clean...notice how it looks in the 4th pic here.  And the rocks in the last pic of this grouping look very much like those we have seen in Utah.

Surprisingly, we are actually in the desert here...San Diego area...with plenty of Yucca and Cactus.  I have come to find out that I am probably allergic to some of these desert plants, as I had to go to a clinic yesterday to see why I have chirping and ringing in my left ear.  The nurse practitioner told me it was likely due to allergies to the sagebrush and some other plants here.  I have been feeling "stuffy" since we were in Arizona, and now my ear is both ringing and clogged, so I may have to rule out "wintering" in these parts in the future.  haha

Heading to the overlook on the distant rocks.

Making our way down to the water, a young guy took our picture and told us to pretend the rocks were falling on us...he must be related to me, I think!  haha

The beach.

Looking south, then north.


A series of shots as the waves splash up on us.  One already got me, as you can see my left leg is wet.


Being more judicious, Cathy stands further away from the splash...I say "why not live dangerously!?"  haha

A longer view.

There were tons of dolphins that we could see in the water, fairly close for the most part, but at one point, way out, I could see what at 1st I thought was water breaking over a long string of some rocks or something.  But when I zoomed in, we were actually seeing what I swear had to be a school of 100 or more dolphins swimming really fast in what seemed like a straight line.  Because they were so far out, the video is a bit blurry, but check it out if you can to see just how many there were.


It's a little overcast this morning, but we are hoping it burns off as we set out for the day...fingers crossed!!!


  1. The beach is so pretty and peaceful looking. Love the Dolphins

  2. You are in the area known as Black's Beach. GREAT spot to surf..and, if you go north further, it's one of the more famous nude beaches in the SD area.... "not that there's anything wrong with that".

  3. I have been to that beach! Remember I told you about the nude bathers!!! lol
    The dolphin's were cool, but what are they doing and where are they going? looks like it is towards the shore!

    1. I don't remember you telling me anything about a nude beach, so I have to assume you are kidding!? With the dolphins, they were going towards the shore, but probably 5 miles away from where we were...it was cool seeing so many of them though!