22 February 2014

The Best Trek in Tuscon!

23 Feb 2014--On Friday we took our final, and probably best, excursion away from our home base here in Tuscon.  The Sabino Canyon Rec Area in the Catalina Mountains has a bunch of trails you can follow, or you can just ride the tram or go to the streams if you want.  Here is just a little history of the area for those that like to read a little about it.

Cathy and I decided to take the tram up the mountain and then hike the approximate 5+ miles down.

Along the way, we could see that some of the different types of cactus were at the very beginning stages of blooming...notice that one kind even had berries.  I don't know why it is, but in my old age I really like trying to get good pictures of both flowers and birds.  This little bird is one of the few we have seen here, and was not much bigger than a hummingbird.

Just getting started.  We posted more videos here than normal, just because they were pretty or I was amusing myself.  haha

These would be in the "amusing myself" category.  Cathy doesn't like it at all, and wants me to turn the video off and pay attention. haha

Looking down at several spots where people hang out by the water.  The rocks are really pretty.

The terrain is remarkably different as you go along.  Cathy is near the top of the rocks in picture #4.  (I almost didn't post pic#1...I look a little "hippy" in it--haha.)

Looking east and west.  I think this 1st picture is just beautiful!


Remember how I told you that the Tohono O'odham tribe considers the Saguaro cactus to be humans? Cathy and I were laughing how this 1st one seems to be a fine, upstanding citizen, while the 2nd seems to be dancing to his own drummer!  (Might need a little medication!--haha)

A couple babies and a giant.

A rock slide and just some pretty rocks in the 3rd pic.

Coming in to the homestretch.  I think the 2nd pic, with that beautiful sky, is great.


Somehow a picture doesn't seem to capture just how many Saguaro are here, so I posted this video for those that can view it, and a picture for those that can't.

So that was our best trek yet.  It took us about 3 1/2 hours, with all the stopping for pics, etc., but where the descent was very gradual the 5 miles weren't bad at all.  Tomorrow we will stay local, probably bike or hike around the RV park area.  


  1. Once again that terrain you're walking down looks pretty rough. Walking and filming ???? what were you thinking ???? The watering hole is my favorite.

  2. I am very glad to hear that you took the tram up the mountain! gives me some hope in my heart, lol
    I have to find out a way to hear your videos I know I am missing a lot.
    Does anybody live around this area??? Just wondering because the views are so beautiful!

    1. Yes Ellen, lots of people live around here...mostly in the valleys that the mountain ranges surround. This is in a lot of people's backyards! Wouldn't you love it?!