03 February 2014

Aztec Caves Trail

3 Feb 2014--Ever the gluttons for punishment (haha), and instead of twiddling our thumbs while waiting for that pathetic Super Bowl yesterday, we decided to take a quick trip out to the Franklin Mountains again for a less challenging hike in a different part of the park.

These caves looked like our best option.

It was only 51 degrees, so after bundling up we set off on what the sign said was a moderate hike of just short of 1.5 miles round trip to the caves in the background.  From these pictures the caves don't look all that high in the mountain or even that far away, but because of the slow, steady climb I was just a bit more winded than I had anticipated.

I love the view looking back from the caves in the middle picture of the 1st row.


Cathy decided to go up one more level beyond the caves to see what she could see...the walkway is a little thinner than it appears.

These 3 pics are all of Cathy in the same spot above me, but obviously I zoomed in as I took them. If you click on the 3rd pic, I think that is the best shot.

And here she is coming down...click on the 3rd pic to see the pain on her face as she jams a finger in the rocks...ouch!!!


None the worse for wear, back to safety!  haha


A few stitch pics...really pretty blown up.  And the last one of the mountains in the distance I really like...just the way the light was hitting the camera make those mountains look blue.

So we should have stayed in the mountains I guess.  That was a whole lot more fun than watching the not-so-super Super Bowl!!!  Just hanging out today cooking, doing laundry, and planning the rest of our week here.  TTYL!


  1. I love the invite to zoom in to get a better view of cathys pain

    1. haha...it was total fluke that I caught it on the camera, and you know it doesn't happen that often, so I just had to share!! haha

  2. there you go taking chances again, it could have been more than a finger from the looks of that trail. I', gonna have to stop watching these post. love ya

  3. I love love love the mtn picture in blue!!!!

    And really, did you have to put poor Cathy on display in her "one" moment of weakness?????

    and again I ask, what will I be doing when you guys are out doing all this stuff in Alaska?