09 June 2013

The Grand Ole Opry!

10 Jun 2013--Friday night we went to the Grand Ole Opry and had a great time.  I used to listen to country music for years, but not for the last several years for some reason, so it reminded me how much I like it.

We were a little surprised that the seating was actually benches.

The show started with a reminder of the 2010 Nashville floods, which I had forgotten about.  You can see how high the water got at the Opry itself in the 3rd picture of the door entrance and then the last 2 pics of the old and new stage inside.  The stage was completely under water, and the whole place pretty much had to be rebuilt from scratch.


There were a total of 9 performers for the 2+ hour show, with most of them singing 2 songs each.  The exceptions were Josh Turner, who sang 3 songs, and Carrie Underwood, who had the whole last 1/2 hour of the show to herself.

I don't know how many of you have watched American Idol in the past, but 1st 2 pictures are of Lauren Elena and the last pic is Casey James, both previous performers on that show.  Ellen, you should remember Lauren...she was the 16 yr old who was runner-up to Scotty McCreary.  She is now 18 and just graduated from high school last Friday.

The other 2 pics are of Charley Pride and Mel Tillis (although Cathy grew up listening to them and knew the songs they sang, I think I only knew them growing up because Charley was probably the only African American in country music at that time and Mel Tillis stuttered.)

This group is Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top X-Press.  Does Bobby Osborne look like Truman Capote, or what?  haha  And I love this song they play in the video.


I wasn't sure what songs Josh Turner was famous for, but I think you will all recognize these 2.


Carrie was great!  (And she has beautiful teeth!  haha)


I didn't know that the Opry was still a live radio show, so it was odd to watch as they took commercial breaks.  There was an announcer on the side of the stage, deep voice and all, promoting "our sponsors", as the stars, even Carrie Underwood, stood by waiting to sing.  It was really different.

Cathy and I had mezzanine tickets, so after the show we went downstairs to get pictures at the stage.  As we were 2 of the last people there, that is me in the last pic pretending to close the doors behind us  as we leave!  haha

Thoroughly enjoyed the Opry!  They put on a good show.


  1. Thanks for posting the Opry. We have wanted to go for years and that's a great review.

  2. I remember everyone you posted about!!!!

    That guy does look just like truman????