11 June 2013

Nashville Parks

10 Jun 2013--Nashville has a lot of green space, so Saturday we headed out to 2 of their better parks, this 1st one being Centennial park.  This full scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, (which I have been to by the way,) was built for the Tennessee Centennial Expo celebration in 1897 and can still be toured through today.  The original was built in 438 BC.

You can see just how big it is when looking at it in relationship to me and Cathy.

I love the detail in the carvings.

Inside is an almost 43 foot tall statue of Athena, goddess of wisdom, prudent warfare and the useful arts!  In her right hand is a statue of Nike, goddess of victory!  She, alone, stands 6 feet 4 inches.

Her very ornate shield.

Lining the walls on either side of Athena are sculptures shown on the "pediments" atop the outside of the building.  Each one has an explanation of who they are, or are supposed to be.

This is a 130 acre park, with a man-made lake, sunken gardens and other statues like this one here that is honoring John Thomas, the man who was the president of the expo and secured this land for it.  When I see things like this I wonder why it is that 100+ years ago we were such big thinkers, while today it seems we are all convinced we can't afford to build anything?  Just a thought.

The Bicentennial park is downtown, directly down from the capitol building, and runs several blocks long.  Along either side of the park are walls where they spell out Tennessee history, going way back to the Neanderthals.

These bells are really different...they play "On Top of Old Smokey" everyday at 4:00 and each one of the towers has it own bell.

From the park we drove over to another part of town, where "The Bluebird Cafe" was.  If you watch the "Nashville" TV show, this is where they film the people trying to break into the business...and in real life, that is what happens here, also!  Both Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift got their starts here, and Kathy Mattea comes in and performs regularly.  It looks much bigger on TV.  It was only 5 pm when we went by and a line was already forming.  We got the picture and left!  haha

So that wraps up our Nashville trip...spent the past 2 days hanging out, food shopping and cooking as we prepare to leave tomorrow for Memphis...and Elvis and Graceland!!!  Does it get any better than this?!  haha


  1. To answer your last question-NO IT Does Not !!!!
    What a wonderful place Nashville. Some much to see and enjoy.

    1. Between Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN we had a really fun 2 weeks. Loved all the music...especially the woman playing the spoons!

  2. ok, so I have a few questions with the goddess.
    What is "useful art"? Born of the head of Zues????? what does that mean????
    What is the significance of the snake???

    Why are all the statues broken??? where they made that way????

    The Greeks had an answer for everything in their gods.....
    Demter, goddess of fruitful land(or something like that) Hades still the daughter and agrees to give
    her back for only part of the year....So know we have seasons!!!! I am quit impressed!!!!

    I can't see the bell video, so how did they sound??? I betting pretty cool!

    And what is the "volunteer state" mean???? What did or do they volunteer for?

  3. The "volunteer" logo goes back to early statehood times, when they volunteered for some war...I don't remember actually which war, but that is what it is for.

    I don't know anything about Greek mythology, so I can't answer most of your questions there, but I think they show the statues broken because if you saw them in Greece today that is what is left of the original pieces. Not 100% sure of that, bit I think so.

    The bells were pretty cool and sounded pretty good. Overall, it was a nice touch! haha