03 October 2011

She Coulda Been a Contenda!

5 Oct 2011-I have been a little busy the past few days so that is why this posting is delayed, but anyway, Cathy competed in a Triathlon (her first) this past Sunday, so I thought I would document her accomplishment for one and all to see (haha).

Although the triathlon was on Sunday, she and I had to drive up on Saturday to a town outside Austin, about 2 hours away, for Cathy to sign up and get her "Tri package" and briefing.

As long as we were there we tried to look around to see what the course conditions were. As the whole world must know by now, Texas has been in extreme drought conditions all year, so you can see here in these pics that the lake she is doing the swim in is probably 50 ft below its normal levels. The boat ramp you see here is usually covered with water, so instead of getting out of the lake at the top of the ramp, everyone had to climb this hill before they even got to the bike part of the race. When I saw it, I said to Cathy, "I don't want to discourage you, but one look at that and I would say 'forget it'!" Pictures really don't capture how steep a hill this is.

Cathy trained about a month and a half for this race, which consisted of a 1/2 mile swim, followed by 12 mile bike ride, followed by a 3.2 mile run. I acted as her coach during training, ensuring she was in tip-top shape!!!

It was sort of cold the morning of the race...about 70 degrees, so that is why we all (except Cathy) have sweatshirts on. In this pic Donna, Barb and I are discussing "battle strategy" with Cathy before the start of the race.

If you enlarge this pic you can see by looking at her that Barb is in a state of confusion (haha), followed by Hallie who is sitting down...if you have seen any of my more recent blogs, Hallie is ALWAYS sitting down. (haha)

I don't know what was going on here, but doesn't it look like Cathy is emerging from the bushes after taking a bathroom break? (haha) She wasn't, but that is certainly how it looks to me.

As the participants gather down by the water, here is Donna, who ran a different Triathlon back in June, giving Cathy some last minute tips.

Cathy prepares and awaits the start!

Being a southerner, Cathy is very sensitive to the cold...the water is probably 80 degrees, but even that is cold to Cathy.

And she's off!!!!! I posted 2 swim videos because basically I think I am funny. haha Notice in one Cathy practically swims over the lady next to her.

Finishing the swimming leg and emerging from the water. She was clocked at 28 min and 6 sec for the 1/2 mile.

Transitioning to the bike leg was easier said than done. I forgot to mention that we are in what is called the "Texas Hill Country"...Cathy, after swimming a 1/2 mile, basically had to run another 1/2 mile, straight up hill, to even get to where the bike part of the race started.

And off she goes on the 2nd leg!!! How is she still smiling? Oh, I know how...she doesn't yet realize that the 12 mile bike ride ahead of her will have very few spots that are flat land. Very hilly area!!!

But you can't scare our Cathy. After a clocked time of 49 min and 54 sec for the bike leg, Cathy is back and ready to start the final leg of the race...the run.

Coming to the finish line, and not even breathing hard. I wonder who her trainer was? haha Cathy completed the run in 31 min and 52 sec.

Telling us how she did it, she has our undivided attention. It looks like she is about to karate chop me, so believe me I am listening!

Counting her transition time, Cathy completed the race in 2 hours, 5 minutes and 51 seconds...and she placed 187th out of the 344 women who finished the race. Good job, Cathy!

The team!!!


  1. You DO think you are funny.
    The best pic is of when Cathy is running, the set of four across. The last one, when you blow it up (because she is way up the hill), you see that neither of her feet is touching the ground...gazelle like. :)

  2. Kudos to Cathy....Sounds barbaric and you did it !!!!! Great commentating Paula, love your funny bits!!!..haha

    Take care and please keep the good stuff coming!!!!

  3. Barb, I took my time trying to capture Cathy at just the right point where she was airborne...thanks for noticing!!!

  4. I'm not always sitting down!!!