06 October 2011

Happy Revolution!!!

6 Oct 2011--So I dragged Cathy to a protest march today, very much against her will (haha), but bless her heart she came with me when I couldn't get anyone else to go. We had seen something in the paper about a San Antonio leg of the protest movement started as "Occupy Wall Street", the group that has been on the news out of New York for the past 2 weeks.

So we headed down to Travis Park, in downtown San Antonio, where the main gathering started, then headed over to Main Plaza where the group had marched to earlier in the day. While trying to figure out where the main group was, I was actually interviewed by a young woman working for a college on-line newspaper called college411magazine.com. She asked me why I was there, what was my main gripe, and how did I think my protesting affected college kids today. Needless to say I waxed poetic, but she said it won't be posted on-line till probably next week. If I see something I will let you know.

There were about 200 people protesting, mostly young college kids, and here are some of my favorite placards they were carrying.

I honestly think I was born in the wrong era. I was probably meant to be around in the 60s; old enough I mean to take part in the great equal rights, women's rights, and Vietnam protests. As a minimum, I wish I had been a reporter because these things really excite me. haha I find them both fun, and funny!

After Cathy and I found the crowd, we marched back from Main Plaza to Travis Park, through about 5-6 blocks of downtown. There were lots of cars honking their horns as we went by, giving us the "thumbs up", making it even more fun.

You can see Cathy in this clip--notice how much fun she is having! haha

This "Occupy Wall St" group is protesting a lot of things, but mainly the amount of corporate money in politics and how it is effecting our democracy. When we got home I was watching TV, the Dylan Ratigan Show to be specific, and he is calling for a Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics. So on a more serious note, if you think corporations shouldn't be able to buy our democracy, and shouldn't be treated as human beings having the same rights as you and me, I encourage you to go to "getmoneyout.com"...and sign the petition to get a constitutional amendment changing our current way of financing political campaigns. I did, and it only took me maybe 2 minutes.


  1. You go girls!! Say hey! No way! It's time big business has to pay!!!
    - I love it!

  2. hahaha...Walter, did you just make that up?

  3. I am glad to hear you found some protestors!
    You didn't seem happy when I was talking to you!!!haha