08 August 2011

Corpus Christi and Chemo

8 Aug 2011--Went to Corpus Christi with Hallie and Donna this past weekend. We left Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon, so it was a short trip but we had fun, so it was worth it. This is a shot of Hallie and Donna with their dogs Emmy (white) and Luna, followed by the sunset on the first evening at the RV park.

Friday afternoon we went golfing...Hallie shot an incredible 85!!! And Cathy did pretty good, too at 91! Donna and I pulled up the rear at 101 and 103 respectively, but it was fun, so no big deal!

Saturday morning we headed to the beach on Mustang Island...this is another stretch of the beach that we went to last year when they had the Sand Fest. Cathy and Donna are assembling the EZ-up so we can sit in the shade. I can't go in the water till all this cancer stuff is over, so the shade made a world of difference. It was really pretty breezy, so although it was hot and humid, it was a very nice day.

As the day went on it got very crowded, but surprisingly, considering the heat and how warm the water is, there are not as many people in the water as you would expect...almost none really!

As Donna heads to test the water, Hallie is already in full Bo Derek mode running on the beach and then straight into the water.

After we got back to the RV park we went down to the dock area where they had held the Navy Regatta...we missed the race with these big sailboats when we were at the beach.

But we were just in time to catch what they call the Titanic Cup!!! This race is held every year after the official Regatta, and the rules are that you have to build your own sailboat, can't spend more than $75, and can't use any pre-made sailboat parts. So everything here is basically bought from Home Depot, and it is a pretty motley crew.

Within seconds of take-off it was a big cluster of boats all crashing into each other...

crashing into the sea wall, or sinking...it was really funny seeing them all trying to stay afloat.

This Navy Chief had his little dog with him...quite the swimmer, thank God!!!

Back at the dock watching the event, and Hallie playing the scene from Titantic.

This morning I had my final chemo treatment, so my chemo nurse gave a tiara and champagne glass to celebrate. In the 2nd pic is Susan, a retired Colonel who has had treatment on the same schedule as me so we became good "chemo friends". In the 3rd pic is Vicky, the chemo nurse. She was great and I was lucky to have her. She is really funny, picked on me relentlessly (thus the tiara), and made an otherwise stressful situation a lot of fun. I am very grateful to her and Susan.


  1. Great pics and you look beautiful! Love you- Walter

  2. looking great for your last treatment.
    So happy that you have been having some good tmes and keeping fit and busy between treatments.
    I love you and am so proud of you.
    Mucho "Thanks" to Cathy for everything.
    Love ya, Marie

  3. Karen would be sooooo jealous of your tiara!

    You wear it well

    Love you,

  4. You deserve the best after what you have been through. I will see you in September. I know you have been looking forward to the last chemo treatment. Now onward and upward...

  5. First it took me awhile to find that black dog!!!
    Thought "you" were crazy!!!
    I am glad this part of the journey is over for you. I am so proud of how you got thru it, I know I would be sitting on the coach feeling bad for myself!!!
    I am with Julie, Karen is not a happy camper up there thinking you have stole her title of "Princess".
    I love you!!!

  6. No more than Ellen and Julie, my 1st thought was of Karen also!

    I love you guys, too!!!