11 August 2015

Canada Has the 'It Factor', Too!

11 Aug 2015--Over the next several days we will be passing back and forth between Canada and the US to visit different spots.  We drove for the past 2 days thru Yukon and British Columbia before getting here to Haines, AK, where we will stay till Friday.  All of the pictures below, with the exception of the last 2, were taken in Canada, so we are reminded just how beautiful western Canada is.  Even on cloudy days, or maybe especially on cloudy days, I could drive in the western part of both our countries and just never stop.  Gorgeous understates it, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves here.


Was I right, or was I right?  haha


  1. right !!! That first picture is outstanding. I really love all the beautiful pictures of the mountains, water and clouds together but something about all that green is perfect. In your off traveling time you should think about putting many of your pics in frames and build a business on line. Over the years you have captured the beauty of this country. Great job and great life. You might even think about collaborating on a info and picture book.

  2. Cathy and I are talking about having some "coffee table" books made up for ourselves, probably broken down by year of travel. I would love to be able to make some of these pictures we have taken into postcards or something like that. An info and picture book would probably take too much time...but the best of these pics really do demand to be shared, I think. haha And if you love the green...wait till you see a couple pics in the next blog! haha

  3. Just beautiful!!!!!