06 July 2015

"Happy 4th of July, Mostly"

5 Jul 2015--Didn't have great weather, but we had a parade to go to at least, so we took our 1st trip into the city to see it and whatever else we could see for the day.


It was fairly standard parade, but it did have a reindeer, which is a little different.  Interestingly, I thought this reindeer just had a messed up horn, and was one in a series of reindeer playing the part of "Star" of 50 years, sort of like "Lassie".  Ellen thought it was a very old reindeer...at least 50 years old. hahaha  Anyone else want to pipe in?

Ellen wanted the "Anchorage" in her pic, while I was more attracted to the Statue of Liberty.  Cathy pointed out that she desperately needed a nose job! haha

Something a little different...this dog on the back of  motorcycle was adorable, while I thought the moose was particular to the Alaska experience.  Don't remember seeing one enter the Boston, Tallahassee or Texas parades!  And when have you ever seen a British entrant?  The sign was sort of funny.  haha

I was feeling adventurous, so I got the reindeer sausage...pretty much tasted just like a regular Kielbasa sausage.

After the parade we headed into the shopping/tourist part of town to see what they might have different from the norm, but not much more than a few picture opportunities.  The biggest attraction was probably the roof of the Visitor Center, which has been sodded and to have grass grow on it...good for insulation I guess.

Like Texas, Alaska is very proud of its size, but best of all they makes t-shirts, etc., that make fun of Texas' pretensions to glory!  haha  Click on the 1st pic...it has a handful of good fun facts about the state.  And to explain the pic with Cathy holding the little t-shirt...Alaskans say that shirt is a "large" in Texas!  haha


Lots of flowers in downtown Anchorage.  I don't know what any of them are except the cabbage, but I think they're pretty, so here they are.

On a sad note, Cathy and I went into Holy Family Cathedral to say a prayer and light a candle in remembrance of her uncle Robert, who passed away this past week.  Although Cathy's uncle, Robert was just a few years older than Cathy, she loved him dearly, and everyone who knew him would agree that he was a very, very nice man...we will all miss him terribly.  If you're the praying kind, please say a prayer for Robert!

We are moving on to Soldotna tomorrow, so more from there to come!


  1. Had a great day!!!!! Don't usually go to a parade, but had to celebrate the 4th in Alaska!!!! Prayers to your whole family.

  2. So sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  3. I am enjoying your blog very much! I would comment on the blog itself but I can't remember my google password. Ha...so, continue having fun and sharing

    It's not what you look at; it's what you see.
    Love, Mary Gay,

  4. I think the reindeer needs a rest. There must be a reindeer in Alaska that has seen better days. Glad to see Ellen made it. Please tell Cathy I will keep Robert in my prayers.

  5. LOVE THE t-SHIRTS. Did not know Alaska was bigger. The reindeer does look old and I believe Ellen is right!!

  6. love Patti's comment!!! The flowers are beautiful. it still amazes me that there are SO many types.
    I can't believe you tried a reindeer ??? sausage sandwich. I don't think I could do it.
    Prayers and condolences to you both.

  7. Paula, are you sure the reindeer didn't taste like chicken? LOL

  8. Hi Ladies,
    Cathy , we are thinking of you for your loss. Thank goodness you have Paula, Ellen and all the amazing scenery and distractions to help at this time. Xoxo Gayle and Yvette....an The Fur Balls!

  9. hating on Texas... How rude! They deserve Sarah palin