31 May 2015

Oh, Canada! It Beckons!

31 May 2015--A quick post as we leave Great Falls for Canada.  Been  here almost a week, been quite busy, but always enough time for a few pictures.  Here are a few pretty birds...not sure what the blue one is, but the black ones are Magpies, actually the state bird of Colorado, but lots of them here in Montana, too.  The one on the tree is one of 3 babies in the tree outside our RV.  That's mom or dad in the middle scrambling to find enough food to feed the little piggies.


Some wildlife at the base perimeter, and another RVer here with us...I liked his wolf theme on his trailer with his 3 Huskies laying outside.  They look a lot alike.


Views from the base.  Montana is called "Big Sky" country, and these pics explain better than words as to why that is.

This is the house that Cathy and I rented here 25 years ago.  It was yellow even then.  Marie and Ellen will, and maybe Jen and Kristine may, recognize it.

Of course we had a few last minute things to do...the stuff you put off and then scramble to get done. haha  Here we are changing the hoses out to the water filters and the water softener.

We had already changed out one of the windshield wipers, but broke the water line in the process, so that had to be replaced too.  haha

The biggie!   Fashioning our very own car windshield protector.  Cathy had seen some on-line, and then when we were in Wyoming we saw a fellow RVer who had done the same thing, so we gave it a go.  Today will be its maiden voyage...wish it luck!!!

We had to change out one of the slide-out controllers underneath in the storage compartment.  Cathy's on it!!!

And finally, so you don't think that I just stand around taking pictures (haha), here I am making a removable screen for our screen door.  Why?, you ask.  When we are driving down the road my view to the side is partially altered with the permanent screen.  So we removed that one and placed some 2-sided velcro and a new screen on the inside so that when we are driving I can pull it down out of my way for a MUCH better view!!!  Cool, huh?!  haha


And finally, a few of the beautiful Montana sunsets.  As I said on Facebook, these are not photo-shopped--haha.  As Ellen can attest, I used to drive her crazy years ago when she visited me here by making her come out all the time to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets...and you should see the stars when it gets dark here...there are a gazillion of them and they are so close you feel like if you were just a little taller you could grab them.


So the engine is running, literally, and we are leaving in like 5 minutes.  I honestly couldn't be more excited!!!  We may have only sporadic internet and possibly little to no phone service at times, but stay tuned for blogs of Canada and Alaska, I'm thinking it's just gonna get better and better!!!


  1. Yes....its going to get better and better into CAN and then AK. Gosh you save SO MUCH $$$$ doing stuff I pay Newmar to do. Safe travels....remember its Kilometers and litres. Hugs,Diana and Walter

  2. oh what fun you all are going to have!!!