04 March 2015

The Pickleball Tournament!

3 Mar 2015--This is fairly quick one...this is a new game to all of us, called Pickleball, and we all love it!!!  It is played on a modified tennis court (smaller), with a racket closer to the size of racquetball racket, and with a plastic whiffle ball.  It is fast moving, and easiest on beginners to play doubles than singles, but it is a blast.  We got here on 1 February, along with Gayle and Yvette, and we all took 2 classes they had for beginners starting on the 3rd.


About 2 weeks after we got here they had a big tournament, with entries for both singles and doubles, and for 3 levels--beginners, intermediate and advanced playing levels.  As I mentioned in the last post, Gayle and Yvette are from Canada, so here they are with their Canadian gear...showing their colors, as they say, as they prepared for the finals!  haha

Cathy and I were headed for what we hoped would be a clash for the doubles title against Gayle and Yvette, but I pulled up lame (sore back, probably a nerve versus a muscle?), so I had to withdraw (ugh).

Now this is interesting...here is the ever-present Mary Gay, all 72 yrs of her...playing and competing well in the intermediate level!!!

And this is Bobbi...she is my age (59), is hands-down the best player in the resort (she is advanced level), and is nationally ranked in this sport!

And the most incredible...this is Ellen, from Germany, and someone told us she is 82 yrs old...she played doubles in the intermediate level, and unless someone told you her age, you would never know it!!!

Before I had to withdraw, I played Gayle in singles, and lost...but I am blaming my injury!  haha

Cathy played Yvette in singles, and lost...no excuse!  haha


So Cathy came in 3rd in the beginner level category, while Gayle and Yvette played in the finals with Gayle taking the trophy and Yvette placing a strong 2nd.

To add insult to injury, they also took the doubles trophy home to Canada!!!   Game on ladies, see you next year!!!  haha

Still having a great time, and the weather is gorgeous, so stay tuned!


  1. I just went back and look at all the pictures (enlarged) I love all the expression that are on your faces. The decisions you are making as you hit the ball looks like you are going to kill someone. LOL great pics.

    1. That could just be the pain I'm in showing up on my face...haha

  2. I enjoyed that. Would like to give a try. I'm sure it killed you to be out. Is this a game that is played everywhere? What is up with your back? Have you been to a doctor? It absolutely sucks getting old. You look really good!!!! You and Cathy. Sun and fun seems to be working. Hope you feel better. You're an American. Get it back from Canada

    1. It did kill me to have to drop out...I think maybe I have a pinched nerve in my lower back, leading to excruciating pain a few times, so I had no choice. Just hope I didn't do any lasting damage before finally conceding.

      I haven't been to a doctor yet, mostly because I will be back in San Antonio in a month and it's a pain in the butt to get a timely referral to doctor, never mind if I need xrays/mri etc. (Also just hoping it will goo away--haha) It is definitely better than it was, just a little twinge here and there at this point, so I am babying it along. haha

      I think you would really like this game...you can go on a website http://www.usapa.org/places-to-play-pickleball/ and it shows where you can play in each state...I looked and saw Daughraty Gym in Braintree as a matter of fact. check it out.

      I will retrieve that Trophy!!!! My Canadian friends are "one and done"! haha

  3. Still think you have a crush on Mary Gary!