28 December 2014

Alligators, Manatees and Ospreys, Oh My!

28 Dec 2014--Hallie and Donna came for a Florida visit and I will get to that in a minute, but wanted to post this segment quickly to get it done.  Cathy and I saw that a group was putting on a Civil War Re-enactment locally, so went to it and got snookered.  haha

This couple greeted us and should have been our first clue...charging only $5 per person and with no line of people ahead of us, we got in right away.  There were more participants than observers, probably because everyone else in town knew that there had never actually been a Civil War battle in the Ft Pierce area.  haha  What these clowns were "re-enacting", we don't know, but it was a pathetic battle...about 5 or 6 groups of 8-10 guys apiece, all in a large circle and all shooting in the air--never aiming at anyone other than the birds flying overhead--and only at the very end did anyone have the good sense to fall down on the ground and pretend they were dead.  You could occasionally hear shouts of "Charge" or "Retreat", but no one in the groups moved, so the whole exercise was truly laughable. (Check some of the pictures...I defy you to find anyone aiming at eye level--haha).

One person was dressed as a Seminole Indian, but no mention was made of him, so I don't know what side he was fighting on.  There are also a few dead guys there in the 3rd pic...appeared out of nowhere!  haha

I guess this guy was the camp cook, and these ladies dressed as "Camp Followers", including one who was African American and seemed totally out of place to me.  haha

Best of all, an Order of the Confederate Rose member!  This cracked me up...this lady explained to me that the Order was for those married to direct descendants of Civil War participants...she had a French accent and was originally from Quebec, but her husband recently got involved in these re-enactments so she joined the Order.  Can you imagine at her age suddenly being asked by your husband to dress and go along with this?  NOT with a gun to my head would I do this!!!  Too Funny!!!

Some things being sold there, including old Confederate and Yankee currency, and best of all a pamphlet on State Sovereignty by none other than Jefferson Davis himself.

And the original Florida flag, called "Bonnie Blue", and then the one adopted after Florida seceded from the nation during the Civil War.  The old guy was selling them, was very nice, and very informative.

This lady was holding a framed notice from a Yankee general saying any southern woman who denigrated the soldiers in the streets was to be treated as a trollop!  I guess she still holds a grudge!

OK, So then Donna and Hallie joined for a few days, and we did a little sightseeing along with a little relaxing.  We first went on an air boat ride, like in Flipper!--hahaha--to go see some alligators up close.  The fan and motor are quite loud, so in order to talk and hear each other we had to suit up with ear phones like helicopter pilots wear.

Initially we were going pretty slowly and only seeing some birds, so we were a little concerned that this may be a bust, but it turned out quite well.  We saw a ton of Osprey and other birds, with every single Osprey we saw having a fish in his talons...the feeding was obviously pretty good.

We slowly approached our first alligator.  Check out the video!

1st Alligator!

And the biggest one we saw...he was huge!!!

The guide took us all around and into the brush...here is an alligator egg and hide he had on-board. He explained that authorities harvest about 40-50,000 eggs every year to keep the population down.

Check out the teeth on this guy!!!

A few random shots...check out how close the bird is in the 3rd pic to the alligator...the guide explained that though the alligators eat the birds, right now the alligators are somewhat dormant, so the birds know they are not likely to be attacked.


Downtown Ft Pierce, looking for some Manatee...saw a couple.  Then out to dinner a visit with Santa.


On the beach across the street from us.

And at the co-op we are staying at.  Cathy and I dominated at shuffleboard, but although I had perfect form at Bocceball, Hallie and Donna crushed us!!!

Hallie had a unique throwing style that clobbered us!

Look at Hallie trying to put a hex on me...she didn't need to...I stunk it up!!!  haha

We had such a good trip when we went air boating, we decided to try our hand at a kayak trip on the Indian River Lagoon looking for Manatee and dolphins.  I was confident we would see dolphins, and more than hopeful about the Manatees, based on the write-up we saw from this guide company, but we weren't as lucky as we were with the alligators.

It was a "3 hour tour", so we were happy it didn't turn into a Gilligan situation.  haha  We stopped on an island, but unlike Gilligan, we were able to get off again.


We saw no dolphins, and only at the end did we see a few sleeping Manatee..or at least that is what the guide told us this lump was...haha.


Hallie and Donna left right before Christmas, and Cathy and I have been in Tallahassee over the past few days, heading back to Ft Pierce tomorrow for the rest of the winter (and some exercise to get rid of all this Christmas food--haha).


  1. We had a great time. Can't wait for the next trip.

  2. What Christmas food, we only had healthy southern food everyday.

  3. The first part of this blog is hysterical!!! But I didn't understand your statement about the black women looking out of place, are you saying there were no black women during that time???? What the hell was the war about then????
    The first video of the alligators made me jump back when it moved, pretty cool!
    Why is the hide orange??
    And I don't care what that bird is thinking be so close, bet you he was dinner!!!! lol