09 November 2014

Longhorn Cavern State Park

9 November 2014--Cathy, Hallie, Donna and I went to Longhorn Cavern State Park in Marble Falls, TX yesterday to take a cavern tour.  It wasn't in the top 5 of caverns we have been in, and the tour guide was horrible (haha), but at the end of the cavern we finally caught a nice section, so it was worth it, I guess.  haha

The only fun facts worth mentioning are that this cavern was once used by Sam Bass, a bank and train robber as his hideout in the early 1900s, and during Prohibition there was a bar and dance hall down inside.

The Civilian Conservation Corps took this over and built this building as an admin office and observation deck, so we went up top before going into the cave.

Into the cave we go!  Most of the cave was pretty boring, and like I said already the guide was horrible...he even mispronounced, twice, Lyndon Baines Johnson's name, calling him "London", but I managed to catch Donna smiling in the pictures a couple times (which she avoids like the plague as soon as she sees me pull out the camera), so I was pleased with that!  haha

The previously mentioned guide initially tried to tell us that the dog-like structure was "natural", but then went on to tell us all the ways it has been altered...not natural at all! haha

These pics were all taken in the last 20 minutes of the over 1 1/2 hour tour...some of the people are a bit blurry but the cave is not, so I thought I would share these.


So we have a week to go before taking off for Florida...leaving next Saturday...will spend Thanksgiving with Cathy's family and then head south to Ft Pierce for the winter.  Really hoping to get lots of warm weather, so wish us luck!!!


  1. some pretty pics. everyone looks good and happy! so I'd call that a good day.

  2. Yes Marie I thought the same thing about some good pictures!
    Hope everything goes well for you in Florida!!!