06 April 2011

Workin' for the Man!!!

6 April 2011--Cathy and I have been doing a lot of work around here in conjunction with our visiting, with the emphasis on the words "Cathy and I". I am aware that everyone just thinks I take the pictures, but you all have to remember that even Mutt had Jeff, Fat had Skinny, and Moe had both Larry and Curly!

We were going to replace the water heater for Ed and Eleanor ourselves, but we ultimately had to call in a plumber when we thought we had a water leak in the pipes underground. That, fortunately, turned out not to be the case, but he saved us gobs of time putting the unit, so it was worth it.

We put in a railing at the front porch...Eleanor is testing it out here before we paint it.

Eleanor pitches in, priming the metal railings, while Ed sleeps inside!!! haha

They replaced the carpeting in the house...here are Cathy and I pulling it all up before the carpet layers arrive. And that is Ed eating grapes while we toil!

We painted the backyard swing along with the new railing...we also painted the front porch, but not before I took this picture.

We had to move all the furniture from room to room so they could lay the new carpet...poor Ed is asleep again! haha This is him in his chair, outside at the carport area!

Ed and Eleanor are very happy with their new carpet.

Ed felt guilty, so he went outside to till the vegetable garden in preparation for planting this coming Friday...Man's work, I guess! haha

Ed and Eleanor have a very nice yard, both front and back. The 1st 2 pics are of the front, followed by a pic of the back.

Some of their pretty flowers. Notice the bumble bee in the 1st pic...they are really big!

Between their backyard and the feeder in the next door neighbor's front yard, there are tons of birds flying around looking for food and/or mates. Here are, in order of appearance, 2 Cardinals, a yellow finch, a red-headed woodpecker, a blue bird, a blue jay and a tiny hummingbird. I really enjoy trying to get a good picture of them. Most of them don't sit for very long, so I have to be fast.

The finches here are in the neighbor's yard, while the cardinals are in the Poston's backyard. Look how fat the middle bird looks.

I caught these 2 just as they were taking flight. I wish I could say I did it on purpose, but I didn't! haha

We always have things to do around the RV, and during this stop we had to change out the air filter. Look at the size of it! And check out how increasingly dirty Cathy's hands get as she removes the old one and replaces it with the new. At one point she had to jump and lean way inside the back area of the RV...I had to hold her in there with my shoulder pressed to her thigh...I told you I was working around here!!!


  1. Did Cathy grow up in that house? Nice big and very pretty yard there. Good that you can get all that stuff done for her folks while you are there. I noticed in one of those pictures that Cathy has a lot of gray hair. Didn't notice that here. :D

  2. I believe you & Mr. Poston are soulmates

  3. Love the birds. The picture of the birds in flight really cool

  4. Yes Barb, this is where Cathy grew up, and Julie, I am an active participant in all endeavors!!!

  5. WOW, Cathy and Paula have worked miracles around here this month and Brenda came over to help put the furniture back in place. I can't thank them enough. It looks so good. They have gone to learn how to grunt worms at the earth worm festival today so look for this on the blog later.

  6. * I'm with Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * R U sure you're from Southie? The photography is a leap, but knowing the names of the birds? I mean REALLY!?! I think you & Ed have some kind of 2-way radio where he apppears to be asleep, but, in fact, is whispering to you the names of the birds. Nothing else makes sense (lol) And the comment from "mom"? Who's kidding whom? What a "plant"!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian

  7. guess what? I painted the front porch and steps all by myself yesterday. must say looks pretty good too. also went out to finish the faucet and he felt guilty and came out to help.

  8. Paula and Cathy why was there a worm festavel an why were people work'n for the man

  9. Emily, they use the worms to fish, so it was a good excuse to have a little party. And we were "workin for the man", meaning Cathy's father! get it?