21 February 2011

San Antonio

8 Mar 2011--Well, after 4 months in San Antonio, we are back on the road again as of this morning. While in San Antonio, we mostly did routine medical appointments and visited with friends...but we did see a couple things almost unheard of here. The 1st was a wild pig right on the base, about 20 ft from the RV, and the 2nd was a dusting of snow on February 4th. They said it was a 1/2 inch, but I don't think so, although it did shut down all the major roads for the day. A friend of ours even had an EKG cancelled...can you imagine them cancelling a heart appt for a mere dusting of snow?

At Christmas time we went down to the River Walk, the tourist spot here that along with the Alamo is the most visited place in Texas! After all these years we finally went on the boats after having dinner. The lights were really nice, but don't show well with my camera.

Besides the table we built, Cathy and I also replaced both of the TVs in the RV. This one in the front weighed 85 pounds and was only a 24" screen so we replaced it with a 32" that weighs only 18 pounds...much, much better!!!

I saw Cathy crawl in the back and thought of Paul Lynde in the old Bewitched series where he said "I've been framed"!!! Cracked me up!

Notice that Cathy had an electric saw, but she gave me the hand saw to use...what is that about?

We put in a shelf for storage and an articulating arm so we could swing the TV out for better viewing...we love it!

In the back we replaced another TV and are also proud of the results!

Because we are so handy (haha), Hallie and Donna waited for us to return to San Antonio to do some work around their house. From cleaning the gutters to trimming the trees, we put in a full day's work over there...or I should say that at least Cathy did!

Look at Donna, supposedly helping Hallie with the ladder, that ultimately will be passed to Cathy so she can reach the top of the chimney on the roof.

Here Donna and Hallie are pretending to work because Cathy is on her way down from the roof.

But notice they have time to take a break while I take a family photo!
We also put up 2 ceiling fans and hung a TV in their game room, but I didn't have my camera to document it...I don't know what they do when we are on the road!? haha
Anyway, we are headed to Baton Rouge, LA for a few days before heading to Florida for a month. I will probably have a couple postings in that timeframe, then a bunch as we make our way to Boston over the course of 7 weeks. Can't wait to see all the states in-between!!!


  1. I've been waiting for you girls to hit the road. Looking forward to your postings. Be safe and next time you're in ABQ, I have some work around the house for you to do since I see you're so experienced at it. Have fun.

  2. Paul Lynde "I've been framed". I can even hear is cackle at the end. ha ha ha. Looks like Cathy, and I stress Cathy, did some great work. I'm impressed with both of you. Remind me to show you the half installed ceiling in my bedroom once you make your way back to Boston.
    1/2" of snow shutting down the roads! We don't even cancel school until it hits about 6"

  3. Can't stop laughing from the Paul Linde line. I can see and hear him so clearly.
    It's great to have you on the road again. I am looking forward to the history lessons.
    When all your traveling is done you guys could start your own businees again doing yard work etc. Cathy obviously NEEDS and LIKES to be busy!!!
    Keep the pics and dialogue coming.

    Lots of love,

  4. I love all the we's. lol. Does picture documenting count as towards the project?? HAhaha. and Marie remembers that but nothing else??


  5. Jen, it is, indeed, amazing that Marie remembers that at all...haha! And of course documentation of work is a key part of any project!!! I am actually working twice as hard as anyone else because I am not only taking part in the work, but running back and forth to the camera also!!! haha

  6. Cathy might as well get a job again and be a contractor. At least then she will get paid for all this work your making her do.